Khloe Kardashian Home Organisation Inspo

Although I’m not obsessed with it, I am always organising and cleaning. One of my biggest inspirations on my organising journey has to be Khloe Kardashian. Perhaps it’s the Cancerian in us both as this is certainly a passion we share. Her endless matching storage with perfectly matching label is just goals in my mind.

It all started when she begun her mobile app which was basically a blog. On there she would share a little more about her and just general day to day stuff. Her series of Khlo-C-D had me hooked and I actually still refer back to it for inspo. Luckily despite no longer having the app she has taken the key parts of most of her videos and placed them on YouTube. It is like a video vision board for me.

From looking at all of her tips and tricks I certainly now have my key items on a wish list. From acrylic storage containers to fancy labelling I’ve looked all over the web to find my dream items. This isn’t exactly the same as Khloe herself however this is very much inspired by her. You can check out my Amazon store where I’ll be updating as and when I find more stuff to inspire you.


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