Top 5 ways to upset a Cancerian


The Cancerian start sign is someone born between June 21st July 22nd. Like a crab, they are know for having a tough exterior in order to protect their very delicate interior. The other characteristic that tends to be added is moody. Often however the perceived moodiness is often just that you have done something to hurt their feelings and you slowly get placed at arms length in order for them to appreciate you without harm. If you manage to make it through their shell then you’ll have a friend for life. Not many people achieve this which is why a Cancerian often have a close circle of friends.




Here are my top 5 ways to upset a Cancerian;


So it goes without saying a Cancerian loves their food. If you invite one out for the day this needs to factor this in. If you make plans that do not have a robust meal arrangement then you may not see a Cancerian again. This will be most likely if you directly prevent them from getting food when they recognise they need some.

Example: You make an entire days plan without including lunch. Your Cancerian mentions they need to pop in a shop for food and you advise them they can’t because you’ll be late to the next appointment.

Half-ass the friendship

This is probably the quickest way to get a lose a Cancerian. They love people and desire those that love and understand them. Often they will go out of their way to ensure those around them feel special and hope (but don’t expect) others to make them feel the same. If they feel their kindness is not returned in anyway then don’t be surprised if they don’t bother calling you anytime soon.

For example: They ask on several occasions to meet up with you and you meet with many other people without even mentioning you’re in town.

Forget the little things

Cancerians attention to details is one of the things that makes friendships feel special. Start forgetting things you do with one and it is like you are forgetting them. For this reason you it easy to see why they will get hurt feelings and begin to withdraw. They don’t require regular attention as they like some time to themselves so forgetting the little time you have is mildly offensive to them.

Say mean things you don’t mean

Speaking about Cancerians great memory say mean things to them in anger and it will hurt them for life.


Cancerians are not judgmental at all. They actually will really try to anything to help the ones they love feel great everyday. Lie to a Cancerian and not only will they sense it but they won’t forgive it as trust is highly important to them.

If you upset a Cancerian then they are warning signs. The first will be then they go quite, consider this like a storm brewing. They tend not to erupt like a volcano but this is the period that any continuous annoyances will add to their upset. Remember a Cancerian cares about you so won’t necessarily say something you’re doing is upsetting them if they feel it may upset you. The second stage they may exercise is passive-aggression this is them reliving some tension and a good sign. Open the conversation as to their upset here if you can. The final stage is when they enter their “shell” often this will look like you not seeing them for a long period or ever again.

Are you a Cancerian? Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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