How-To Make Hand Sanitiser

With the increase concerns around the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there has been a surge in panic buying. As it is not entirely known how the virus spreads, the assumption is through cough droplets. What is even more concerning is that recent research has implied it could sit on many surfaces for up to 72hours. […]

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9 Simple Steps Towards A More Sustainable Workplace

Recently the urge for more sustainability in the workplace has increased. The concept is not something unfamiliar despite recently gaining momentum. The 3 key pillars are environmental protection, social and economic development. These are more commonly know planet, people and profit. In terms of what sustainability is or looks like in a ideal world is […]

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Maintaining Your Cool During Festive Season [#eastcroydon]

We’re coming to the end the year which means it’s one thing…FESTIVE SEASON. With that comes so many things both good and challenging. Keeping your cool can become a real challenge however it’s something everyone should make a priority. Benefits of reduced stress 1. Reduces your blood pressure which, with age becomes more important. High […]

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Meghan Markle | Style Steal

The Duchess of Sussex (Rachel Meghan Markle), is an American-born former actress. Raised in LA she is best known for her role in the TV series Suits. In her early career she had many things in addition to acting. Right before meeting HRH Prince Harry she was founder of “The Fig”, a lifestyle website focusing […]

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The Best Accessories For Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are one of those things that are really easy dinner conversations. Some people seem to know everything whilst others, none at all. There are 12 Zodiac signs in total and with each has developed an animal, personality, elements and colour associations not to mention a bunch more. The date of your birth determines […]

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The Real Truth About Martyr Complex

This has many names but is referring to someone who uses their suffering or self sacrifices, to manipulate those around them. This may also involve willful suffering in the name of duty or love. Victim complex is probably more accurate as the word martyr is traditionally to do with religious beliefs. There’s a range of […]

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24 hours in Windsor

Windsor is a town on the River Thames in the Southeast of England. It’s Castle is an official residence of the British Royal Family. HRM The Queen is said to use it as her weekend residence. The town is a unique an historic destination with easy connections to and from London. I was lucky enough […]

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Chopstix Noodle Bar

Chopstix Noodle bar are focused on delivering fresh, nutritious and yummy Pan Asian meals. They have over 60 stores in the U.K. and Dubai. Also they use halal certified chicken. Their recently launched menu is under 400 calories. I went along to check that plus the rest of the menu out (since Chopstix is entirely […]

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