Foreo UFO vs UFO Mini Comparison Review

This post contains a gifted product for review; however, all views are my own

In this post, I will review and compare the Foreo UFO to the Foreo UFO mini. This has always been something I’ve wanted to do as it was a consideration initially when considering a UFO when it first launched. Since I own and have used the UFO mini for some time, I can finally share my thoughts on how they compare. So, keep reading if you’re trying to decide between these two.

Before we get into the comparison, here’s a brief overview of the Foreo UFO range. The Foreo UFO is the world’s first smart mask treatment. It is a device which uses a combination of skincare technology and Korean mask formulas to deliver a 90-second mask treatment (yes, 90 seconds). The treatment time is something which enables anyone to enjoy at any point in the day, no matter how busy they are. The device and masks are convenient in size, making them easy to transport and entirely waterproof. For example, this makes it easy to mask whilst having a relaxing bath. In terms of the masks, there is a staple day and night mask and then focus treatments, depending on your needs. To ensure you gain the most from each session, an app will guide you through your treatment session. Let’s take a closer look at the UFO and UFO mini:

Foreo UFO

The UFO uses a combination of wavelengths which have been scientifically proven to support the skin in several ways. The primary function is warming, which gets to 45 degrees whilst in use on the skin. This temperature is proven to open the pores, allowing deeper skin product penetration. Warming also aids a boost of radiance through the loosening of sebum build-up on the skin’s surface. If that wasn’t enough, it has also exclusively developed cryo-therapy technology. This not only cools to 5 degrees but means you can utilise all the benefits of cooling the skin without placing any of your items in the fridge.


The UFO mini is an affordable alternative to the UFO and has many incredible benefits. There are a couple of exceptions, firstly in terms of mask compatibility. Not all masks in the Foreo UFO range are compatible with the UFO mini; there is quite a noticeable difference. Although they all look the same, the actual mask compatibility is to do with the activation of the formula itself. So it is important to only stick with the ones compatible with your device. The other key feature the mini does not have is cryo-therapy, so you will not get all the benefits, such as depuffing, from using this. Outside of this, you still get all the other features, such as a guided app, RBG LED, and T-Sonic pulsations and warming.


You get high-end mask technology, experience, and efficient use of time from the UFO. Both are perfect for someone living a hugely busy life where time is the most expensive thing you have. The UFO mini is a solid and worthy alternative if you want a more affordable high-end experience. It’s compact, and you’ll still enjoy the warning experience of luxury masking on the go without regret. The price difference depends on two critical things. If you went for the UFO mini two compared to the UFO, the price difference is £10. I’d spend the extra for the UFO. However, the difference is a lot more if you look at the first edition device. This and the lighter selection of masks if you were to get the mini, the absence of cryotherapy, and the use of control via your phone. There is research into the skin benefits of cryotherapy, particularly for specific conditions. For example, atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with signature symptoms of dry and itchy skin. Since cryotherapy can improve antioxidant levels in the blood and reduce inflammation, it can help treat atopic dermatitis. 

The technology behind making something go from very warm down to 5° on demand is something. Using your phone enables you also to change the RBG and pulsation. Compared to the UFO mini, this is a significant difference in experience. Since the masks are generous in serum, I generally use more than one 90-second use so being able to control my device myself is ideal. Cryotherapy is also something I take advantage of, especially for my puffy eyes in the morning.

Foreo UFO app

Since this device is like an investment, I would personally aim for the UFO as this would also provide longevity in terms of technology, not to mention the added benefits. You can pick up a Foreo UFO/UFO mini from stockists such as Lookfantastic and direct from their website.

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  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to check! 🙂 It’s reassuring that it’s possible to turn off the heat if the automatic sequences aren’t used. I’m looking forward to receiving my mini soon. Best, Lara x

    1. Awesome! Let me know how you find it

  4. Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate it. I was mostly concerned about the heat triggering broken blood vessels since I have a tendency to them.

    1. The customer feature setting works also on the mini. On both devices it only works if you don’t scan the mask because that triggers the automatic sequence. Hope that helps x

  5. Also, does the device get very hot? Thank you!

    1. The Thermo-treatment allows the device to heat up to 45°C – the perfect temperature to open up pores and ensure deeper penetration of mask essences and nutrients but not too hot even on sensitive skin (like mine)

  6. Does the mini not have an option to turn the temperature off? Best, Lara

    1. I have not tried with my mini as it’s currently in storage. I will try and get it out and let you know x

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