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Thank you for visiting my about me page. Although my name is spelt Nadiene, if you ever ask how to pronounce it then I will explain that it’s “just Nadine”. (Also the story behind my blog name)

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In 2014 I decided that I wanted to capture and share my life experiences and memories. This was partly because I am a sensitive Cancerian girl the other part was I felt like I wantedto share things that help me feel great and positive everyday in the hope others would find enjoyment from the same things. Initially I placed everything on to my Instagram however many friends and family members asked opinions on these things which resulted in the birth of JustNadiene.com in 2015.


Each month JustNadiene.com has 2,000 unique visitors from over 95 countries each month and was rated as the top 16% social media influencer in the blogger community. Now in 2017 it has also had a great honour of being featured in Blogosphere Magazine.

Features include sites such as Beansaway.com Boozyshop.nl, Fashion Magazine.com, Nouveau Lashes & IIAA media. JustNadiene was also the Nouveau Lashgang 2016 award winner and most recently the Blogosphere magazine Community award winner 2017 as well as being nominated for a New Generation Beauty Award.


If you are a business wanting to collaborate of wanting more detailed information about the blog, then feel free to request a copy of my latest media kit in the contact form below.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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