About JustNadiene

The woman behind the blog

Hello and welcome!

I am Nadiene, pronounced Nadine but spelt with an extra ‘e’. I was born and raised in South West London. I believe that makeup should be worn to express creativity and enhance natural beauty and accessible to everyone.


In 2014 I decided that I wanted to capture and share my experiences. I love taking photos where ever I go so whether it is dining out, sight seeing or trying some new make up I would initially place it all on my Instagram page. My love for these things resulted in many friends and family members asking for my personal opinions resulting in the birth of JustNadiene.com in 2015.


JustNadiene.com has already over 2,000 unique visitors from over 90 countries each month and was rated as the top 16% social media influencer in the blogger community. Features include sites such as Boozyshop.nl, Fashion Magazine.com, Nouveau Lashes & IIAA media and most recently Blogosphere magazine as an award nominee.


Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy my posts!

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