9 Simple Steps Towards A More Sustainable Workplace

Recently the urge for more sustainability in the workplace has increased. The concept is not something unfamiliar despite recently gaining momentum. The 3 key pillars are environmental protection, social and economic development. These are more commonly know planet, people and profit. In terms of what sustainability is or looks like in a ideal world is […]

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The Real Truth About Martyr Complex

This has many names but is referring to someone who uses their suffering or self sacrifices, to manipulate those around them. This may also involve willful suffering in the name of duty or love. Victim complex is probably more accurate as the word martyr is traditionally to do with religious beliefs. There’s a range of […]

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Approval seeking behaviours you need to stop

When accusing someone else it is relatively easy to identify traits that have lead to this conclusion. However, this is not the same when you’re the one being accused. Approval seeking behaviours aren’t always as obvious so consider it is as “tactically compromising”. Unfortunately the desire to seek the approval of others can become a […]

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How to stop living in denial

There are some seemingly intellectual adults you could be across that will display this. You’ll be having a conversation before they almost visibly “such down” and begin to sit in a state of denial. Despite seeing the truth and clearly having supportive evidence, they will still argue the most ridiculous of views. Recently I have […]

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how to stop being a victim

How to Break Free From A Victim Mentality

When left unchecked, a person that suffers from victim mentality can become a huge deal. Although for them, it can be beneficial, there can also be challenges. Often people will find someone like this too demanding emotionally and/or needy. As peoples lives evolve that lack less capacity to support other to the same level. This […]

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When To Move On From A Friendship

I’m unapologetic when it comes to looking after those I love. Showering them in anything and everything truly makes me happy. One of the biggest personal challenges I experience is feeling like a doormat because of this. Like many people, especially Cancerians, I’m guarded when I meet new people. That said once you are in […]

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Christmas Day Survival Essentials When You Don’t Celebrate It

Not spending Christmas with loved ones this year or just don’t celebrate it altogether? Here are my tips how to survive the day.

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7 Secrets About Calico Cats And Why They’re Special

Hello, This post is to share not just about any cat but specifically the Calico. This is a domestic cat breed with a predominately white but spotted/partly coloured coat. These colours are in two shades which is an important fact but more on why later. There are names for these types of cats all over […]

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