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Today I spent the morning with HD Brows (HD Beauty) to learn about their latest launch. Held in the beautiful Rake’s bar Café this was the perfect location to allow an intimate group get an up-close look at the shades. The event was amazing and it was a great opportunity to gain some further tips and tricks from brow experts such as Jamie Long. As you know I have been visiting him to help shape my brows after years for failed brow treatments from different salons. The great thing is that even my ugly brow is finally beginning to look pretty. It is clear why since Jamie Long’s client list include a plethora of amazing people including Love Island Contestant Sam Bird, actress Susie Amy and of course yours truly.

Jamie Long HD Brows
HD Brow treatment Jamie Long

About HD Brows

Owned by Karen Betts, HD Brows is the number 1 in-salon brand. The foundations of the brand is focussed on professional training and education.  The much loved range expansion coincides with the brands 10 year anniversary. This takes the signature range offering to a total of 6 shades. So lets take a look at the shade range. As you have seen on my feed, I have been using their range for quite some time now. My current go-to shade has been Vamp which is like a dark brown.

HD Brow collection


Previously I posted videos about both my HD Brow experience from when I first met Jamie Long at Harley Street. This was the first time I had come across some of the product they had.  (see below)

There were products that I am really familiar with since I used many of them previously. However some had some updates made which I will also share.


Brow Define

Brow define is something that you would probably feel familiar with as it is a long-lasting brow pencil. The thing that I loved most when I first used this was when I was told that it naturally protects itself when unused. So it is important to sharpen prior to use to get the best amount of colour.


Brow Tec

This really thin brow pencil on one end with a spooly on the other. Particularly useful if you want to do your brows on the go especially. What I love the most is that the extra thin pencil means that you can use it to make individual brows.


Brow Colourfix

Super familiar with this tinted brow gel which is great on its own for a natural look or to finish off that HD Brow look. There had been a change to this with the applicator which was previously a rubber applicator. For ease of use this had been change to a brush with a pointed end. I’m really looking forward to trying out the new applicator and seeing how it matches up.


Brow Crème

Applied with an angled brush for the best finish for this crème to powder formula. What really caught my attention about was the catch net which was designed to ensure that you don’t pick up too much product.

The New Shades



This is a really ashy shade and has been designed for those wanting a light, cool toned brow. This would be perfect for those with grey hair tones wanting to keep the colour but enhance the shape. Those mermaids and unicorns will also love this one.



It is no surprise that this is a deep black shade. It’ll look great on those with deeper skin tones and/or darker hair. This shade will certainly make your brows bold and beautiful.



The final addition to the shade range Siren. Perfectly matched for those with auburn hair. The thing about warmer shades is that they are great on anyone looking to add warmth to their brows. If you find that your look a little ashy then perhaps you need some Siren.


Jamie Long (HD Brows)


Although “Vamp” has been the perfect match for me, I am very tempted to start giving Raven a go. I feel like I could go bolder with my brows since they are looking so good now. From the new releases I don have to say that “Smoke” got me the most excited. Grey is very much on trend and so it is nice that HD Brows are keeping us matching with our hair colour choices. You can pick up the products and new shades from over 400 UK salons.


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