Charlotte Rhys First Impressions | JustNadiene

Charlotte Rhys is a premium luxury South African fragrance brand which has recently launched in the UK. READ MORE…

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Fragrances every Dad can enjoy

As Sunday marked Fathers day in the UK, I am sharing an update to my previous fragrance post. One thing I wanted to reflect in this post is a dad’s individuality. (Although two Dads may share the same unfortunate jokes) Although I also wanted to share fragrances which you may want to borrow from time […]

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Perfume Society Discovery Box Review

You should remember Perfume Society from my previous post about their feel good box. Recently I received their Discovery Box to review for you in this post. The purposes of the box was to share the new fragrances perfume society were most excited about. The selection was hand picked with a variety of fragrances and […]

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The Feel Good Box | The Perfume Society Unboxing Review

*This post contains gifted products I’ve not shared a perfume related post in a little while however I have several coming up on JustNadiene. To start us off I thought I would share this great box from The Perfume Society. They have collaborated for the first time with Beauty Bible to produce a box containing […]

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Wreath Making With Floral Street London

Hello, I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of visiting Floral Street in Covent Garden. This was as it really kickstarted the festive period with wreath making. Alongside this I also got to enjoy their amazing scent school experience first hand. Floral Street Armed with a mission to bring fine fragrance to the […]

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acqua colonia blood orange and basil review

Here’s Why 4711 Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil Is Good For The Mind

Hello, 4711 Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil is a fragrance to lift your mood. The complex fragrance was also created to stimulate and inspire be it in working or everyday life. In this post I will take a look into the aromatherapy benefits of the two soul ingredients, blood orange & basil. You will […]

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sorbet dream

Sorbet Dream | Check out the latest SoFragrance release

Hello, Recently I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the wonderful release from SoFragrance. I know this is becoming a brand I feature on a regular basis however I feel that their range is a great affordable collection which you can easily pick up at your local drugstore. Normally when I look at […]

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3 Best Summer Unisex Fragrances

Hello, Smelling great this time of year is really important and there is no defining characteristics which makes a scent intrinsically masculine or feminine. As I have previously mentioned in my fragrance posts, there are ways which you can find what notes you personally prefer but everyone is different. Not only this but many people […]

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