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Our bodies microbiome (economic system of bacteria) can have a huge impact on our well being. Poor microbiome function can lead to things including fatigue, moodiness and skin concerns. Not to mention premature aging and problematic skin so if this sounds like you keep reading…

skin youth biome

Skin Youth Biome

Introduced by Advanced Nutrition Programme with a unique combination to target the skin by working from the inside out. Each pack contains 60 capsules to be taken daily and contain flora supporting bacteria. Since the daily dose is one a day so that is about 2 month supply.

It uses 4 scientifically studied strains of bacteria which have been found to not only support immunity, but also exhibit anti ageing properties. With added Vitamin C to support collagen formation.

The great news is that despite containing healthy bacteria, these tablets do not require refrigerating. This means that we don’t have to spend time storing them anywhere special, they can just be by your bedside. Whilst at the Advanced Nutrition Programme offices I was also able to learn more about how the product is produced. It was very nice to hear that this product was produced using the 5 P’s principle. This is purity, potency, production, (p)fads and packaging. 

(want to read more about 5 p’s click here)


This product is to support your skin through your gut. As you may already know, since my Advanced Nutrition Skin Reset, my skin has never been better. I do not even experience monthly breakouts anymore and could not be happier. The great thing is my skin has not got worse either so these are certainly maintaining a good thins. The one thing I would say however is that I noticed an instant improvement in my gut behaviour. As someone who regularly experiences discomfort after an evening meal this immediately disappeared. To test it I even started to give these to my mother who I can say also instantly felt a difference. This is something I can honestly say is a first for me and for that reason I will look to continue using these after my sample runs out.

Will you be giving Skin Youth Biome a go?


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