Thai Square Spa | Thai Lotus Defense Facial Review

Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa is located in the heart of London and just a walk from Charing Cross Station. You wouldn’t believe you were in London when you step inside as it is a tranquil and calm environment. The staff were all really polite and friendly whilst the décor was calming and soothing with dim lighting.

Thai Lotus Defense Facial

The reason for my visit was to try out the latest Thai Lotus Defense Facial. The lotus is considered sacred and has cultural significance. It celebrates purification and enlightenment. The treatment lasts for 1 hour and prior to this your feet are soaked in a beautiful Lotus bath. The combination of ingredients are to hydrate and protect the skin from pollution particles in the air. This is something that a city girl like me could especially benefit from. The results were said to leave your skin youthful, healthy and glowing.

Lotus Defense™ Range

The treatment products used were suitable for all skin types as well as 100% organic and natural. The range of products would be particularly beneficial to those with dry, sensitive, thirsty skin. It was really exciting to be invited to try out a new facial treatment. The lotus is used to bring brightness and vitality to the skin.

Personally I can’t remember the last time I’ve been for a spa treatment however this really made me feel special. After changing into robes I was guided down the stairs and introduced to my treatment specialist. She then encouraged me to disconnect (so I have no treatment footage) and relax. One thing I managed to actually achieve was relaxation to the point that I actually fell asleep.


Prior to attending this session not only was my skin feeling tight but also dry. Then the commute involved a walk through the centre of London’s congested air prior to treatment. Since it was a busy day ahead I developed a migraine before arrival. After my treatment can happily say that not only was my skin glowing, but my migraine had completely disappeared. As someone who suffers from migraines this is something that has never happened before for me.

Whether you are often in London or just visiting, you should definitely check out Thai Square Spa. The locality makes it convenient to break up or end a busy day. Alternatively its a great place to catch up with your friends, celebrate mothers day or have some self care time.

Will you be giving the Lotus Defense Facial a try?


Disclaimer: This post contains gifted experience

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  1. I visit this spa every year I am in London, my last visit was on January 2023 and let’s just say it will be are last visit , we went in with a full wallet that we put in what we thought was a secure locker that you put your own 4 digits Into to leaving with not a penny in the wallet the locker was still secure when we went bk but the wallet was empty and we are still waiting to hear from a manager everyday when we phone we get told she isn’t available to speak to and I leave my number and ask could she call me when she is free and i am still waiting, its a absolute disgrace that you pay alot of money to attend this spa and trust that you belongings are safe and come back from your treatments to find you wallet has been emptied. Please beware if attending this spa do t not bring any money or valuables as they are not safe !!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your recent experience seems like a lot has changed over the years

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