2019 Instagrammer Starter Kit

instagrammer starter kit

Is it just me or am I feeling like an old school Instagrammer these days? Jump to the 2019 Instagrammer who has evolved immensely compared to before. Slowly I’m seeing an Instagrammer lifestyle is becoming just as expensive as the Kardashians. (like seriously expensive) Worst still I’ve found myself not only liking, but genuinely desiring these expensive goods. In this post we’re going to review just exactly how expensive the 2019 Instagrammer essentials are.

I for one know that I have a modest bank balance. (By modest I mean virtually empty because of the #bloggerlife.) Certainly I’ll take my hat off to any influencer that can afford this lifestyle because they are totally rocking it. Remember that you are unique and there’s a place for everyone to exist no matter what the budget.

This Gucci bag is almost the only bag I see any Instagrammer with. It doesn’t matter whether they have 5k or 200k. Literally must have missed the announcement or the sale because £675 seems like a real commitment to the gram.

With that is the matching Gucci belt. I actually am beginning to feel like I need one because I’ve seen them so often. A good stable black belt is a good investment to be fair. Although this would make it more expensive than anything else in my entire wardrobe.

First Cardi spoke about this brand and then like magic I’m seeing it on the gram. This hat funnily enough has made it several times. It’s pretty simple and certainly lets everyone know you got £’s.

I’m not mad at this one because I love fine jewlerry. The only thing I’m made about is that I can not afford 10 right now. I totally would have every colour and style if I could as a bracelet junkie.

These are a great way to dress up whilst dressing down. I mean there’s little chance you’ll get turned away from Harrods rocking up in a pair of these.

Those that don’t want to over Gucci might want to consider this instead. Although I’m showing black I’ve seen that it’s super popular in nude and I think a lavender too.

So there’s my top 2019 Instagrammer Essentials. Let me know what you’ve been seeing a lot of on your feed.


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