I have been using this Bellapierre product all week


Since my brow treatment, I have really been taking their maintenance seriously. Also I hate to leave without them being done. Since I have been so busy this week with 8am starts, getting a product which can be used at speed has been a priority. This is something that is slightly unusual for me as normally I would be able to allocate more time to my makeup for the day. For the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Bellapierre, a cosmetics brand based in the U.S.A. They happened to be launching their new twist up brow product which I will share in this post.

TwistUp Brow

Currently this product is available in 4 shades which will suit a range of skin tones. Personally I could comfortably use two of the 4 shades, depending on whether I want a more natural look.

The nib is ultra thing making application easier if you wanted to create more of an individual hair strand look. As an oil-free formula this very much sets instantly when applied. Additionally it makes it smudge-proof and more long wearing. On the other side of the wand you have a very handy spoolie. I would highlight that this one is smoother shape towards the end which makes life so much easier to tame those difficult hairs.


Since I have been using it all week I think it is fair to say I love this product. It has enabled me to do my brows in about 5 minutes tops. Despite storm Debbie raining over London today, my brows stayed in place so I could not be happier with the longevity and hardiness. Due to the oil-free formula which makes the product long wearing, you do need to use a less gentle had when applying the product. Luckily I also got some other goodies from the brand which I can not wait to share with you.

Will you be giving Bellapierre a try?


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