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I wanted to write this post around my skin reset journey which I have now almost completed. This is as I feel it is important to share for other people suffering from acne prone skin.


Hair, skin and nail supplements have never actually appealed to me as I previously always had acrylic nails and I do have extensions in my hair so I’d never see the results in the same way. Recently I have had my acrylics removed long term for the first time since I was like 16. Although they are ok I know they are thinner than usual and all I have been doing is keeping them short and using hardeners. In terms of my skin it has got to a place where it is ok more than not however the scarring and dullness makes it look quite bad still despite having a really robust skin care routine including skin peels. All of these reasons made me interested to give something different a try as the saying goes you can’t change doing the same things.

First Impressions

Firstly I like the packaging because it is easy to recycle and also because you have these handy daily containers which you can place in your bag without having to take the full 28 day supplement (140 capsules) supply everywhere.
Inside each of these daily supplies are five supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails. Inside each of these are Vitamins A & D, Omegas 3 & 6, 7 antioxidants and Astaxanthin plus biotin. Personally I have never used supplements for healthy hair, skin and nails despite having heard about them numerous times so I was excited to see how it would work for me.


My skin

I speak often about my skin issues which is due to hormonal imbalances, I suffer quite viciously with cystic acne. This had previously become quite persistent and aggressive however it was balancing to a routine where I would suffer for one of two very large and painful ones each month which left hideous scarring that was difficult to colour correct away. Along with that my skin is intermittently sensitive (Like swells up after dust outside hits it) and it is combinational with my t-zone being super oily. I know people have it worse but to me, the skin on my face is just the most tricky and I have spoken to so many professionals and tried all sorts of methods for long periods with little or no result. Like many sufferers this has not stopped me from continuing to try and find my solution.

Previous breakout skin close up


Whenever I try anything even though it never happens, a part of me always hopes to see instant results. The first week of these quite understandably, I saw no results which is why I did not share it immediately. The second week I could see my complexion was brighter and by this I mean I had a glow to my skin. This was not just visible to me as I found when I had no makeup on my friends and family would comment that I had a glow. The third week was where my skin began to change as I started to gain an increased volume spots although less cystic acne, particularly in places I did not usually get them mainly the forehead and cheek bone area and down my neck.

Previously I have heard that this is typical and expected as your skin is purging the toxins so where many stop at this stage I continued the course. Despite feeling like my skin was regressing a positive observation I would highlight was that they did not leave any scarring!

So now I am on my final week and I was certain I took a before image however I am now unable to locate it so I apologise as this is after only. You can see that I have some scarring however I think if I undertake a course skin accumax course then these will go. I had like a skin tag under my right eye however that has gone along with a lot of my texture Also you can see like this sheen/glow to my skin which I was referring to before.



With regards to my nails, they are growing quickly considering they are still quite soft and easier to break but they are getting stronger. Due to the length of time I had acrylics on I would probably require longer time on the supplements to repaired them to full strength.

My hair always grows easily however my scalp has always been dry and itchy. Interestingly enough my scalp no longer itches and I feel maybe I have stronger skin follicles. The other thing I would sat is that it is definitely growing faster than usual is that I grew a blond hair despite having naturally brown hair. I feel it is where my hair grew out before producing full colour (I don’t have any greys but I don’t think it was my first).

Since this course I have noticed I were much less foundation without real need for colour correction. Also I go makeup free more often when going out without feeling self conscious. I do feel there have been noticeable differences in my skin texture and condition. The packaging makes it hand and easy to commit to if like me, you aren’t good with taking things everyday. These are available on the IIAA website for £36 which is I feel is a fair price for what you receive (about £1.28 a day).

Do you suffer from acne? Let me know your tips below

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