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As you know on Wednesdays we were it pink however Elegant Touch dare to challenge this with their new Pink Paradise range. Even better, I done this in style with Elegant Touch at Feya Café, London. The Pink Paradise range event showcased a range perfect for someone who loves pink nails or wants to start experimenting.


From metallic or matte, Elegant Touch has something for everyone’s taste. At the moment I am totally loving the metallic polish. Whilst getting these applied the nail tech mentioned that the true chrome effect is difficult to achieve with acrylics. Particularly this time of year metallic nails brighten things up. They catch light really well and glisten when light hits it.

Although Pink Paradise is just one range from Elegant Touch. There are tonnes of pink nails and designs to pick from. Here are a few more:

Elegant Touch nails pink paradise girl gang
Pink Paradise “Girl Gang”
pink paradise nails elegant touch
Pink Paradise “Power Pout”

The “Power Pout” were a set which immediately spoke to me and were the ones I tried on. Since I’ve always been a lover of hot pink over general pinks this was well matched to me. This shade to me is both striking and flirtatious. These nails come in the coffin shape which has always been a personal favourite of mine..

Elegant Touch fiery fuchsia
Fiery Fuchsia

Should you prefer the more red to your pink nails then this may be for you. Fiery Fuchsia is more towards the coral shade of pink. The nails have rounded shape should you also prefer that to the coffin.

Elegant Touch Nail Saviour Iridescent Blush
Elegant Touch Nail Saviour Iridescent Blush

Elegant Touch have also released their nail saviour range should you be concerned about using nail glue. This is to ensure damage free colour by providing a calcium and vitamin B2 base. There are a few different shades that have this saviour included one is Iridescent Blush which is perfect for any lover of pink nails.

If you weren’t aware then Elegant Touch also do a range of nail tools. I will look forward to sharing these in a post soon.


Will you be giving pink nails a try?






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