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MUA is proud to be 100% vegan not to mention they’re super affordable. Whether you’ve heard of them before, or not, you’ll want to check out these must-have products.

PRO BASE Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation £5

Not only is foundation is also my most purchaed makeup product but it’s probably my.mosy purchased product. Finding a good base for the day and my makeup is a huge priority to me. There is a variety of factors that shapes my opinion and these can only be answered through testing. Unfortunately I have experience more failures and success when it comes to testing foundation and there’s only a few that actually do match my skin tone and my undertone. makes me extremely happy to be able to share that one of these is because not only are they vegan friendly however they are also super affordable. The range itself comes in a selection of 24 shades in three categories medium, fair and deep. although I did pick up a shade after being matched at the initial launch event this wasn’t a match for me and I went back and purchased my own and they did have a match for me which is as I mentioned before, uncommon. Although the range is not as advanced as some other brands you may find these days in terms of range, I do feel like it is worth checking out. Long wear Foundation is formulated and enriched with vitamin e which is great for the skin. I get better soon and I find that this high-end foundations.

Liquid Lustre Liquid Highlight £5

Who doesn’t love a liquid highlighter and this one comes in 2 shades which are great on their own or combined. Not to mention that these look great not just on the face, but all over the body.  Something I like about these is the fact that you get so much for your money the size of the bottle is surprisingly large.

Highlighting Brush – F11 £2.50

As well as highlight time also absolutely in love with highlighter brushes. I love a tapered brush for highlighting is great particularly with loose pigment. I feel like this really works well with my face shape. Business because you can really create a more rounded look on quite defined features like mine. What’s that about this brushe is only £2.50.

PRO Base Full Coverage Concealer £2.50

this full face coverage concealer comes in 24 different shades for every skin tone. that I need £2.50 this stuff is incredible because it melts into the skin like butter. in terms of a competitor I would say it acts more like my Huda concealer which is a really big statement. you don’t even need to set the staff it is really amazing and for the price I cannot recommend it enough.

MUA Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencil £2.50

I stumbled upon this product last out and needing to quickly revive my eyebrows. it’s a long lasting you get and micro eyebrow pencil on one end and spoolie on the other. Micro pencil makes it really easy to define individual lashes if you were looking for that more natural look. again in terms of price point £2.50 and a selection of 6 different shades, it’s a really affordable product. if you prefer an actual pencil they do a pencil version for £1 less powerful £1.50 you get the pencil with the spoolie on the other side.

Highlighting Powder £3

MUA have some of the best shimmer highlight powder. They come in unusual, varied shade range, which not only makes them unique but also irresistible. these highlights are instantly lift any complexion which is so good particularly at this time of year when skin is looking pasty.

I really hope you enjoyed this selection and let me know in the comments below which ones your personal favourite. if there’s any over MUA products you think I’ve missed and that the server shall out then please do mention them in the comments as well. I’ll be continuing my veganuary blog posts for the rest of this month so be sure to check back for my next one.

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