Essential Tools For A Perfect Manicure

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There is nothing worse than poor nail maintenance in my opinion so often I will maintain them myself with a manicure at home. This is not something that is easy and straight forward especially without the right tools. Sometimes I visit a local store but don’t always even know what I am looking for in terms of tools. If you feel that this describes you then you will find this post helpful since I will be sharing key tools for perfectly manicured nails.

elegant touch rapid dry

Quick Dry Solution

Currently I am loving a spray form however there are tonnes of other to pick from too. For example there are ones that look like cuticle oil, which I have never tried. If you have then be sure to let me know how it is because I am really interested to know.


Nail file

I go through so many of these if I pick up a standard on so having a more heavy duty file is important to me. The day I leave the house without one is the day I buy one as there always seems to be a need to file them on a daily basis. This mini Leighton Denny award winning crystal nail file which fits perfectly in every bag.

Base & Top coat

The best thing about a manicure for me is the finish, the more glossy, the better. I have soo many base coats and top coats separately but often I find myself using one that is combined. In terms of consistency I do find it a little thinner than the heavy duty top coats. It doesn’t really make a difference to me though since I repaint my nails every few days.

Cuticle Pusher

A never ending battle is with your cuticles. If your nails great at the same rate then you’d never have to worry about their length. Not matter what material they are in, you need these for two purposes. Firstly to remove gunk from under your nails. Secondly to push your cuticles back off your nails. The easiest time to do this is after you have soaked them so they are soft. The key is to go slow and steady and as gently as possible. The correct tool for this is key. Recently I have been using the Rubis Switzerland “push & clean” to keep my cuticles in top shape.

Cuticle Oil

Something I feel like no one really understands or appreciates as much is cuticle oil. Not just to make your nails look extra shiny, this actually helps repair any cuticle damage and keeps the skin soft and nourished. All you need to do is put it on once your skin is dry. It tends to come in different forms so I use the pen version when I am on the go and one with a pipet, like this Calgel one, at home.

What are some of your essential products for the perfect manicure? Let me know in the comments below.


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