Elegant touch – Why I don’t need my acrylic nails

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love my acrylic nails and have always had a set on since I could afford them. My recent career change has meant that this is no longer something I could do and I had to remove them. I am not going to lie even now I find it difficult to type without nails because it is a different angle to what I am use to.

As much as I would love to grow my own nails I am quite heavy with my hands and so I easily break them. Also having odd lengths with natural nails doesn’t work for me whereas acrylics are all made to look even.

So I have been trying out different temporary nails and I have really enjoyed them. My usual style was coffin shaped nails and I recently shared a set I loved from Elegant Touch.

The nocturnal dreams are just one range of my favourite from Elegant Touch as they also have a Chrome range I love. Additionally there are many other ranges including the super cute Romance range.

Grind clerkenwell elegant touch

I had the pleasure of dropping in on their SS18 collection event held in Clerkenwell Grind. There were tonnes of really exciting sets on display. Which I can not wait to get my hands on.

Elegant touch flatlay

The range has loads of great colours to really make your nails stand out and you feel special. Not to mention the cute Insta-worthy designs such as gold foil detailing.

My personal favourites from the upcoming ranges were these from the Fantasy range (Unicorn Storm and Mermaid Magic).

Not only were there tonnes of designs but also shapes for your every taste.

Keen to get yourself a set? The new designs are rolling out in Superdrug stores as we speak.

What Elegant Touch designs are your favourite?



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