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A question I frequently receive is the best primers for oily skin types also which I use. Many will recommend oil-free which kinda feels like an obvious answer. I’ve been using oil free primers and finding that initially my makeup looks great however in the afternoon, my make up separates all over the place. Originally I thought that this has to be due to my skin becoming oily in the afternoons however I now think it is not. My under eyes are the driest part of my face (well they are just dry full stop). When in a rush I have gotten in to the habit of using the same primer under my eyes and found that my concealer then also separated in the afternoon. The result was it made me realise my oil free primer was causing the issue. I then wanted to investigate exactly why this was the case leading me to an unusual selection for my oily t-zone.

Sebum Production

Sebum production is something that is mainly due to age and hereditary. As we get older we produce less sebum so if you’re currently suffering then this will get better. One less obvious reason is your skin hydration levels. If it is dehydrated then it actually will overproduce oil. I have previously gone into detail around this on the blog. Unfortunately this production mixing with dead skin cells is what then causes break outs. (If you want to read about what helped my breakouts and see my skin journey then CLICK HERE)

Standard Approach

The standard approach to for oily & combination skin types is “oil-free” primers. With oily skin comes break outs and scarring so silicone based primers are also recommended. The reason for this is because silicone smooths out the unevenness from scarring. The only thing is this also clogs your pores and if you don’t have a deep enough cleanse at night, you’ll be adding to the issues further. One thing you could do is seek ones with an active ingredient such as salicyilic acid , to help clear the build up. If however you have tried this approach and, like me, it hasn’t helped then keep reading.


This is something that is generally targeted towards our dry skin types because of its moisturising properties. Earlier I did however touch on the fact that some skin types over produce sebum (oil), due to low levels of hydration. That said glycerin has a wealth of additional benefits to all skin types. In a separate post i’ll share the full benefits however for now I will highlight two for oily skin types. The main benefits it can do for oily skin is help control oil production and soothe irritation. This is what inspired my latest choice in primer.


Going for something really lightweight and with an active ingredient of glycerine is certainly a different approach. However I tried it out and so far it’s making a huge difference to the longevity of my makeup looks. In addition to this I have noticed my makeup isn’t sliding off my face in the afternoon. It does still require mild blot if I have been having an active day on my particularly oily parts. This still is a huge difference compared to previously. The other thing about glycerine is that it does make my skin tacky, which I never get usually with primers. Highly popular influencers speak of this tackyness as being a very good sign and I could not agree more.

The NIP+FAB primer ranges not only help my makeup last longer but they smell amazing. They come in a selection of 5 different scents but banana is my personal fave. You can pick up the range from stockists including Superdrug and Feel Unique. Will you be giving the range a try?

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