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This post is kind of like a part one to share with you some things I am going to start trying out this week. I feel like I rarely post so much chatting about my excitement about things and want that to return to the blog.

IMAGE: Colourpop Website

Colourpop Lite Stix

It makes me really grateful that they are have supported me to give you a first look at these. Over the past month I believe I have almost one newness to share a week and I want to catch up with that. For now I will share with you what I am currently trying which are these blush + lite stix.

I have to admit that I do have high hopes for these since I am loving Colourpop. Everything I’ve experienced has really worked well and honestly just wish it was more accessible in the UK.

The Red Lipstick

This book I actually had the pleasure to get signed by the author (Rachel Felder). The launch event was held in the London Harper Collins HQ. It was a real treat to attend and I can’t wait to hear the red lipstick secrets.

IMAGE: Fourth Ray Beauty Website

Fourth Ray Beauty

Fourth Ray recently sent me some of their Watermelon products and now I have a couple more. So now I am going to try out their cleanser and the BFD which is basically a cleansing oil. I do have a current favourite cleanser so this is going to be really interesting.

IMAGE: Daytox Website


Keeping on the topic of skin care I have two products from Daytox. Their volcanic mud daily facial wash & wax and their peel off mask. I’ve never heard of Daytox before so I am excited to not only learn about the brand, but also the products and product quality.

That is pretty much it for now in terms of new product I’m trying out. Also gives you a little bit of a heads up as to what I have coming up in terms of reviews on the blog. Let me know whether you’ve tried any of these and also what you are trying out in the comments below.

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