The impact low hydration levels can have on your skin type


Many people look at the internal benefits of water so I wanted to share the external impact on some skin types and on your beauty regimes. This post I will take a look at skin hydration levels in detail.

Firstly I wanted to point out that this is by no means a way to change the genetic makeup of you skin however it is hopefully going to lessen the impact on your skin troubles.


Lets start with the basics which some of you may already know. Your skin is made up of 64% water contributing to your skins plumpness, resilience and elasticity. We lose water in so many ways such as the weather conditions, environment, lifestyle (love having your heating on, sun bathing or drinking coffee?).

When normal skin becomes dry  you will find it is tighter than usual (especially after showering, bathing or swimming), you skin may look rougher than usual and may even become more sensitive and start flaking .

Oil vs Water

If you have oily skin you may not realise that you skin could actually be telling you it is dehydrated. Oil production is often confused with hydration levels but it is not determined by the level of breakouts you have. When oily skin is dehydrated it can over produce oil to compensate for the lack of moisture resulting in you having to deal with the breakouts. Ever had your skin feeling oily AND dry?

Before you rush for a gallon of water it is important to note that this will also not fully resolve the problem on a long term basis. We are constantly losing water throughout the day so the key is to constantly keep hydrated and regulate water intake. Increasing your water intake will not solve all of your skin challenges. Diet, skin care regimes among other things are still important to your skin. I hope this has however highlighted the importance of a good level of water consumption on a regular basis.



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