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If you have been reading my blog for some time then you would remember that the first turning point step I took was the IIAA skin reset. On reflection the review was premature as I think this must be the single and most important step I took. After I done that my skin was much more responsive to the steps, I undertook following. Many online suggested solutions before this failed or made my skin worse. This was the last thing I tried when I thought there was nothing left, and my skin confidence was at its absolute lowest. Although I was kindly gifted this product, I actually sent a purchased one to a friend because I believe in this product so much. If you want details into this product then be sure to read my post. But all you do is take a selection of carefully selected supplements every day for 28 days. The progressive results for me following a completed course, are undeniable.

Holistic Skincare Product Review

It is not just having a routine centred around your favourite product selection. What is important is that the products not only compliment your skin but also each other. Many common mistakes people make is using a target skincare routine for example a heavy glycolic acid range. Not all skin types can handle glycolic cleanser, toner, exfoliator and removals pads in fact most skins types will not. Instead consider where certain things would be most effective. Next thing you need to consider is what the main ingredients are. As a simple easy to follow rule either use acids or vitamins on your skin. If you’re using vitamin-based products these should not meet acid-based products on your skin in any part of your skincare routine. You can check out some simple tips around this one my previous post here.

Prioritise One Concern

Addressing all skin concerns at once is an easy way to fall into the product mixing trap. A great way to avoid this is by looking at your skin and prioritising that first. Really paying attention to what your skin is telling you. Some things I had to do in order to address my breakouts was clear my pores.

Build-up of dead skin can be one of the largest issues when it comes to acne sufferers. Using a tool like a Clarisonic with a sensitive head can really help. If sensitivity is also an issue, then reduce the frequency of use to a maximum of every other day.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to a lot of things including skincare. It is important that if you are using products you allow at least one month’s trial before switching anything. Also, it is important to have a routine you stick to and will not slack on. For example, I will triple cleanse if I wear makeup but still double cleanse when I do not. Other things to consider is how often your skin requires a mask and exfoliation. This may change throughout the month with hormones and each quarter with the seasons, so it is important to pay close attention.

Vitamins & Serums

At the beginning I referred to this however introducing vitamins can make a difference. Ever since I complete my Skin Reset I have ensured I take some vitamins I feel I need. Generally for the skin it is Vitamin A however I do also like B12 and Vitamin D as a minimum. Vitamins may not just be supplements though as these can also be great in a form of serums. Vitamin C is one I feel everyone should seriously consider incorporating to their regime as it comes with a wealth of benefits. If you are 25+ then Vitamin A is a must as this helps the skin particularly as we begin to start seeing differences in a skin around this age.

Emergency Response

If you are someone that gets hormonal breakouts, then consider the response you need to take. Main thing is this should not be picking. My hero product is Mario Badescu buffering lotion which is specifically designed for under surface spots. Alternatives are the spot patches or drying lotion by Mario Badescu, if your spots have a head.

Stop Touching Your Face

This one has so much meaning to me. When I was really struggling I remember I read an interview with Kendall Jenner around her acne tips which I think I referenced in a previous post. She said one piece of advice her sisters gave her was to stop touching her face in order to help with her acne. In all honesty, I thought it was the most ridiculous advice as it felt impossible to not do. If you get cystic acne especially then you’d understand it can also throb, so you touch your face instinctively. After do research into it I found out just how bad touching your face can be if you are having breakouts. Any dirt, excess oil, skin shedding on your hands will then be placed onto your face. As a result, you will trigger more breakouts. Initially I phased out and made a rule if I needed to touch my face (for example putting on face cream) then I would have to wash my hands first. Then I switched to useing brushes for creams and stopped touching entirely. This did appear to help the breakouts around my chin area.

Increase Sanitising

Although I would wash brushes on a weekly basis and allow to dry in sunlight in order to kill bacterior, I also introduced sanitisation. When you think about it, the oils you pick up on the brush when applying product will go back on to the product if you need to build it up. Although you would then wash your brushes, the oils, bacteria etc… will stay on the products until you use it again. So, I bought some rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle so after ever makeup use I could sanitise my makeup. This way there’s no chance of accidental transfer back to my face.


This one really does work and I do not drink anywhere near as much as the recommended amount. Just increasing what you drink can make a huge difference, so I started by committing to one bottle a day (1L). This alone helps with skin balancing and if maintained over a long period of time then you may find your dry skin areas reduce.

Something I could have added but chose not to is to reduce your stress levels. Stressing can worsen this however personally I found it unavoidable. Instead I would work through my stress with workouts. I like a combination of both yoga and core body conditioning as you can do these in a gym or at home. Although I still have small amounts of hyperpigmentation to address, I really found the above the most helpful tips. I hope that you find these tips just as helpful.

Be sure to drop any tips you have below as someone could benefit from them.



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  1. great post! I used to suffer acne and my best foundation of healthy looking skin was hydration, exfoliation and cleansing.

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