One surprising piece of Kardashian advice I took (that actually worked)


Learning from others is something I pride myself on.  Even the Kardashian sisters have taught me something that has made my skin better.

Recently after discussing makeup with someone on Instagram, I realised I needed to share something with you. As you know I spend a lot of time playing with make up and trying to look after my skin. It has not been an easy journey however I have made one fundamental change which I believe made a significant difference.

The reason I say significant is because it is something I now rarely do. However if I do it then I notice my breakouts return very quickly. This one change was something that I never really believed in and wanted to test however it is something everyone can do.

The advice

It is funny as out of all the Kardashians I can probably relate to Kendall the most when it comes to my face. Whilst reading a magazine article she said this :

“They’re like, ‘Never touch your face, never pick your face, always wash your face and wear eye cream.”

At the time I was having challenges with my skin which felt unbearable so I thought that I would give it a go. To my shock I found that my skin was clearing up not long after which was probably  due to a number of reasons. Although I thought this, every time I have found myself touching my face, my face breaks out in that area. This has made me believe it to be true.

After researching why this may be I found that touching your spots can spread them. If you don’t have spots to begin with then how about the germs from day to day life (touching door nobs, keyboards etc..). These sit on your hands which then transfer to your face when you touch it. For sensitive skin types consider how many allergens you potentially touch with your hands.

I am not saying this is the main or sole reason my skin is now much better however I do feel it made a makeable difference. For example, mobile phones are also another common transfer source.

I have even noticed that Kim Kardashian West never even rests her face directly on her hands these days. On average people touch their faces 3.6 times an hour so for me, it is definitely working progress.

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What surprising Kardashian action have you changed before?

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  1. I’ll try out this tip. i noticed i also break out badly when i touch my face on spots where i have acne or pimples.

    1. Yes so did i and it truely has helped

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