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Finally I have a complete Retro Luxe collection and I can share the final three shades with you. (CLICK HERE for the previous shades)
Please note there is an updated formula for the lip kit range as detailed here.

Left to right: Echelon, Royal, Magnificent

As you know from my previous post the other shades you can pick up from selected Superdrug stores however these three shades are only available online from either Superdrug or Tambeauty .

(I know I have many readers from America and you can get the complete set now from Ulta beauty in fancy new packaging).

The first to sell out was “Echelon”, which I found impossible to track down at first.


I was really excited to try  “Echlelon” because in all honesty, I wanted to know the difference between that and “Noble” as it wasn’t easy to tell by individual photos.


So Echelon comes out more like a pink nude which I am guessing is what makes it so popular. The formula is really smooth and generally nice to wear, to be honest that is the same with all three of these shades.


Royal is a very good shade for the lovers of purple lip colours. This doesn’t come out bold on me when I wear it and it is generally a pleasant alternative to a pink. I could easily wear this with an everyday look.


Magnificent on of the most fascinating of shades the reason for this is because I thought that this would be a very obvious green. Even when I opened it the shade in my opinion, was green. Yet this shade transformed when I put it on to be somewhere between green and blue (crazy right) the below photo is unfiltered and it looks blue to me what do you think?


So that is the complete set until the metallic and gloss shades arrive. Let me know if you pick up Magnificent I’d love to know what it looks like on you.



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