KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kit Review

KKW Beauty has been around for some time now however it has been a range that is just outside of my price bracket. Luckily there was recently a flash sale so I was able to pick up one of the Powder Contour & Highlight Kits on discount.

Although I have seen a lot about KKW cream products I actually don’t recall hearing or seeing anything with relation to the powders. This to me was particularly interesting since personally I am more of a powder product lover due to my oily t-zone.


The total (after shipping and custom charges) basically worked out the same as the product at full price so I am not complaining. In terms of price point it is on the high-end side so my performance expectations were high.


The iconic simple nude packaging was just as seen on every beauty guru’s page. Both products arrived in an air tight bag within a KKW branded zip bag. The brush is in a separate plastic holder which doesn’t reseal after opening. The palette is then in a box which looks the same as the product packaging.

SIDE NOTE: I noticed the rights are owned by KIMSAPRINCESS INC. I thought that was only the name of her original EBAY account.

Although it is very simple packaging this is actually something that works well if you are like me and keep products in original packaging. Since the packaging is a bag it means you can keep the product clean and hygienic but also fit easily in a drawer, bag, etc…


The palette surprisingly bigger than I anticipated, due to the general feedback I have heard with relation the cream products. Inside was a contour, bronze, and two highlighters (one pink on yellow). First impressions of the contour was that it would be too fair on me so I did feel a little disappointed as there was no way I could do a thing about it. There was a nice sized mirror which I appreciate however personally don’t use them unless it is to mix products together.

The brush was a surprise to me as it had one on both ends. Whilst one was slanted to contour the other looked more like a blush brush. The shapes of these aren’t my typical choice but I was willing to test them out.


As you can see it came out surprisingly well on me. The contour shade was my biggest surprise and the bronzer really brought the look together. Although fair, the yellow highlight mixed with the pink one provided a great pay off. With regards to the highlights I love the way it doesn’t exaggerate my texture. In terms of the brush it worked really well as a buffer however I prefer my own kit brushes.

This product impressed me as it did not perform as I expected. If you were looking to purchase a KKW product then the powder kit is a great place to start.

Will you be picking up the new KKW Beauty collab palette with Mario?


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  1. Contour sharper than my eyesight!!!

    Char xo | memoirsmusings.com

    1. 😂🤣😂 just dropped that one liner

    2. Hey checking your comment can you reply? X

      1. I can now 🤡

  2. Mrs Gregory says:

    I really want to try her concealers but I don’t think the contour powders would work for my pale skin 😕

    1. Honestly wish customs and shipping weren’t so pricy then I would try those too. I got medium I know there are other shades.

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