Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror


It is honestly an honour that the Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror book tour has finally arrived to JustNadiene.

learning to love the girl in the mirror

About the author

Learning To Love The Girl In The MirrorĀ is written by Helena Grace Donald who is a British actress currently living in L.A.

The book

In Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror Helena shares an honest and open account of her challenges with an eating disorder. With this she shares her encounters with her inner critique along with her journey to self compassion. It’s an easy read with quite large font and parts which are interactive. Along with this, there is a notes section at the back for any key take away messages.


The techniques and skills highlighted are transferrable to all aspects of life and is a read for everyone. As someone who is constantly aware of peoples perception of their body image due to social media, I feel it is important to feel confident.

It is vital to have self compassion as I feel everyone is capable of falling victim to their inner critique in any aspect of life. Hearing how miserable Helena was because of her inner critique was sad. Everyone can learn from Learning To Love The Girl In The Mirror. If you love to read then be sure to check this book out.

If you would like to pick up your copy then currently it is available on Amazon.

Thank you to Helena for sharing a copy with me to read. I wish you every success with the rest of the tour.


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