Dazzlize hand pressed palette range


Good quality cosmetic glitters products are one of the hardest to come by. Luckily Dazzlize have a range of hand-pressed glitters and creams. The brand owner is based in Birmingham and created this product range which I will review for you now.


The come in a very beautiful silver glitter packaging. Depending on which palette you go for, there’s a selection of 6 shades. I picked up their most popular palette along with a further two.

The Palettes

These palettes are hand pressed so they are tightly compacted at first. Moving the product initially makes it much easier to apply. Application also seems much easier with your finger although you can use a brush.

Dazzlize makeup palette


Dazzlize MUA favourite glitter palette

The cream shades are highly pigmented and smooth. They also create a lovely base for powder shadows. It is very difficult to compare this to another product in terms of formula since it is so unique.

swatch dazzlize palette

The palettes all have complementary shades for every skin tone. The most popular palette has a combination of gold, orange and bronze shades. Although there are some should you want a pop of colour which were also attractive.



dazzlize swatch


These are absolutely stunning palettes and inexpensive. The owner clearly works very hard to produce these which is why they are so popular. Glitter can be quite tricky to work with at the best of times and these palettes make it much easier. The swatches pretty much speak for themselves as I did not need to build it and my figure still had product. Removal is the same as when I use any other glitter and always easier with oil. I purchased these for £10 each which were discounted at a beauty show. I have heard from other MUAs that these palettes are particularly popular for Asian bridal looks.

The website appears to be down however you can contact Dazzlize via their Instagram page HERE.

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