How to start living a #softlife

If you haven’t seen it yet, then #softlife is the latest trending hashtag you need to know. But if you’re struggling with how to define it or transitioning to a “soft life”, then keep reading! 

If you’re familiar with “that girl”, well, this is more like the higher understanding that you do not need to become “her” because you are, in fact, already “her”. Soft life allows authenticity to shine through in your day-to-day living with little compromising or sacrificing. Embracing self-acceptance and not conforming to one way but defining your way. It’s less about quitting your job and more about not allowing yourself to burn out because of fear and low esteem. It’s the “not everyone has to go to the gym to work out” life and following the path of least resistance.

If you’re looking to begin your soft life journey, some tips are below. 

Prioritise Yourself

Start the day right, and rather than rushing for work, and worrying about deadlines, allow yourself time to be yourself. If you begin the day with a calm mind and with calm energy whilst reinforcing your self-importance.

Self Care 

Self-care means something different to everyone, but it does not have to be costly. It could be just heading to bed early when you are tired or having a longer shower so you can finish that concert performance everyone missed. One thing I love doing is taking myself on the perfect date. I’ll schedule it in my calendar and book it all in advance. It’s small, but it always makes me feel great. 

Create Boundaries 

Prioritise interactions and relationships that make you feel great and energised. If someone is draining your energy or makes you feel negative after your interactions, review the relationship and how it serves you. Many of us fall into the trap of working harder to prove ourselves to others when people will believe their narrative no matter what we say or do. Consider reviewing your level of interactions and exposure to the unremovable toxic people in your life. You will feel happier, more energised and calmer with good boundaries.


As I mentioned, following the soft life is one with the least resistance. Inviting and prioritising mutual relationships over struggling to create one with someone who isn’t bringing the same energy is an excellent first step. Notice how much effort you have to give certain relationships in your life; if it’s too much, redirect it. This will allow room for things that are truly meant for you to enter your life.  

The reality of life means that, for some, entering a #softera is just unattainable. The grind may have to be hard as a means of survival. That said, there are ways in which you can perhaps live a ‘softer’ life by introducing some self-care activities and by creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships.

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