Sugarbear Hair – Worth the hype?

Recently I gave into the urge to try out the Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. After searching for some time I found them in a local Sally Beauty store. Interestingly enough they also gifted me a supply in order for me to produce this well overdue review. I gave it a break before posting to see whether finishing the course had any side affects. So if you’re interested in seeing what my results were after 4 weeks of Sugarbearhair then keep on reading.

My Hair Type

Firstly let me begin with my hair type. Mine is type 3c/4a many would just cal it ‘afro’. As someone that’s never relaxed their hair or been to a salon I hope it’s helpful. The only thing I ever done was kept my hair in a protective style in weave extensions. Since I’m taking a break to grow my hair and strengthern it provided a great opportunity to try out hair supplements.


Hugely popular Sugarbearhair has been seen getting in the hands of many including the likes of the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s. Personally my main interest was around howtadty they really were. Taking pills is something that lacks enjoyment for me. An easier and more enjoyable way to do this is certainly welcome.

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Week 1


So week one I hardly was limited in the results for me. It was more me getting into the right daily habit for taking supplements. Personally I found when got in for the day was the best time.

Week 2

Week two I could see my hair had grown in length. My hair grows in a “v” shape and it was beginning to not look so much like stragglers that needed trimming.

Week 3

This is probably where other people noticed. My hair felt and looked much longer and that’s probably when I thought for the price this is actually reasonable.

Week 4

In week 4 I begun to experience some shedding. The previous weeks I hd hardly anything even when brushing. I found this a concern however I also found my length had thickened. It looked more like an even length in a pony tail. Interestingly enough the overall length didn’t however this did not concern me.

It has now been about two months since I stopped taking them am I’ve certainly found my hair isn’t growing a quickly. The results have remained so I don’t feel my hair was rapidly growing weakly. The website recommends a minimum 3 months taking these. This is probably to ensure that if works with your natural hair growth cycle.

Ingredients List

Have you tried these?


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