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I feel like all of my dreams have started to come true since blogging I literally remember speaking to Alice when I first met her;

“Oh, so this is the magazine I can dream to one day get featured in?”

This year I have gone to almost every single Blogosphere event and every time I got to one I always think “this is the best event every” but I genuinely think this one is!


Blogosphere magazine and everything it represents means a lot to me and I feel it has a great importance to the blogging community. Again thinking back to when I met Albertine and Alice and they introduced me to it I remember wondering why more people are not shouting about this amazing magazine by bloggers, for bloggers! If you were to pick up a magazine you would instantly feel the superior quality and level of hard work that goes into making it. This was their first ever awards so it was a HUGE honour to be able to attend not just as a guest but also a nominee.


The event was held in another hidden gem location in London Iris Studios. To get there it was a bit of a walk from the station however it built up the anticipation and then I turned right down an alley way before being greeted and seeing a beautiful red carpet. This led to a rose wall!!!  (Talk about perfection)


If that wasn’t enough the main hall was a beautifully purple lit white room (my personal fave) with a wonderful table layout. Drinks were a selection of Fentimans botanically brewed drink with or without Barentsz gin or alternatively you could have a glass of lovely Stassen Cider.


(If you were wondering I love the Wild English Elderflower Fentimans )


When we were all seated the tables each had a copy of the Blogosphere booklet with information about the judges, categories & nominees plus food and drink selections. Thinking back I should have been quite nervous as I arrived alone however at Blogosphere events it always feels really comfortable.

We were all sat in rows so we could natter to new and old friends.

Blogosphere blog awards JustNadiene

Editor-in-chief Alice Audley was our host looking lovely on stage in a blue dress and the winners were announced for each category;

Fashion Blogger of the year – Fashion Slave
Beauty Blogger of the year – The Sunday Girl
Lifestyle Blogger of the year – Little Thoughts
Parenting Blogger of the year – Someone’s Mum
Arts & Crafts Blogger of the year – A Pair And A Spare DIY
Fitness Blogger of the year – Imperfect Matter
Book Blogger of the year – Little Novelist
Photography Blogger of the year – Kyle Galvin
Food Blogger of the year – The Little Blog of Vegan
Travel Blogger of the year – Twins That Travel

There was a break between the final two announcements for a fantastic performance by the talented Andrea Di Giovanni.

Community Blogger of the year – Just Nadiene
Blogosphere Blogger of the year Hannah Gale

What that means for the lucky winners is a feature in the next issue of Blogosphere Magazine with Hannah Gale on the cover (so amazing right).

But even more exciting I was one of the winners and honestly I have never felt more of an honour to be apart of such a wonderful community let alone be an award winner within it. Thank you to everyone that voted and to the judges for selecting me words honestly can not express how happy I feel being recognised whilst doing something I love. The room was so positive and so full of bloggers I admire and respect it was just an absolute honour to even be able to attend.

Award winner JustNadiene
Photo credit: Fordtography & Blogosphere Magazine







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