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As most of us have now transitioned to home working, it is kind of fitting I start sharing my favourite Femme Luxe loungewear. 2020 will probably go down as being the year of loungewear in terms of fashion because why be uncomfortable when WFH. Initially I resisted the loungewear trend and tried to maintain a full routine, getting fully ready like I would for the office. Then as the days turned into weeks, I found myself part of team all day PJ’s (lets not return to that). The benefit of loungewear is that it is somewhere in between. You get to feel like you are put together and yet you get to remain comfortable all day long. Whether you’re jumping on a client or colleague call, you’ll still look ready for work. In this post I will share a few pieces from Femme Luxe Finery for those of you self-isolating or social distancing at home. Be warned I did miss out on a couple as these are selling fast.

Femme Luxe

Their sizing is what has really drawn me to their clothing. As a size 6 with a 24″ waist, it is hard to find clothes which show off my curves. Recently I tried one of their dresses which done this perfectly so I was more than happy to check out their lounge set pieces.

Co-ord sets

A personal preference of mine is coordinated lounge sets it some how feels a bit more put together. If you enjoy purchasing multiple or the same loved item in various colours, then you’ll love these even more. You can buy the same set in different colours and mix and match tops and bottoms as you wish. Then if you are popping out for a stroll, then these have a good amount of versatility. Throw on a pair of pumps, trainers or mules, these lounge sets still look great with any.

Camel Loungewear sets


Whether they are long or short sleeved, these have to be my favourite style of loungewear. This one in particular I love because its in a lovely camel shade. As someone that is totally into neutrals, this plain neutral set can go with anything all year round. The short sleeved top, makes it more ideal outdoors this time of year however there is a long sleeve version for the colder seasons [link above].

Cycling Shorts Co-ord


I will admit that these are my first pair of cycling shorts and I get why everyone loves them. With a cropped top they really do look so cute. You can pop on a pair of heels to finish up or if you are doing some exercise in or outdoors, these will also look and feel great on.

Striped Loungewear Set


Cropped loungewear is also something that adds a little variety to a look. Also no one will see on a video call whilst you are sat down. Wearing a cropped set also gives a good body temperature balance (am I the only one that gets warm in the afternoons).

Hope you enjoyed my Femme Luxe selections, be sure to check out their website for more. I’ll be sharing some more fashion favourites in the near future. Be sure to visit again soon or sign up the the mail list [below].



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