Reasons Why Hand Cream Is More Popular in 2020


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This post is about an effective hand cream that will not only replace the moisture but also provide an added protection barrier.

It is important to remember that no matter which part of your body we wash, we should always moisturise. When it comes to ours face, using cream is a norm. So it is difficult to understand this is less frequently applied to our hands.

The top of the hands have the most delicate skin on our body which is why they present the first signs of ageing. Additionally, they are exposed to the elements and often deal with heavy use and chemical exposure. With the increased need for frequent and prologuned hand washing, it is no wonder many of us are experiencing dry and irritated hands. Many may have found their hands feel as though they are burning. Others may have developed skin conditions on their hands as a result of this increase. Moisturising is a way to take preventative action through replacement of the skin’s protection barrier.

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The back of your hands are particularly vulnerable and they can become dry very quickly in comparison to the thickest skin on the palms. A hand cream for them needs to be really rich and full of moisturising, moisture binding properties.

Heinrich Barth

Named as a tribute to the explorer, Heinrich Barth who was known for pioneering intercultural dialogue without prejudice whilst on his many expeditions. The brand stands for high-quality body care dedicated to the passion of travelling, wanderlust, and intimacy. The product range is carefully produced in Turin using 100% biodegradable packaging and the primary product line is scent free. The destination lines are to make you think of specific destinations across the globe.

Heinrich Barth Face & Body Lotion

Ideal for post sanitizing, this handcream has a creamy texture which sinks into the skin even after gels are applied. The all natural ingredients include argan, shea butter, horse chestnut, grape and chamomile which will calm and repair dry and damaged skin. If you’re someone that doesn’t actually it like scented or fragrance cream then you’ll be pleased to know that this face and body cream is entirely unscented. As I already mentioned, the packaging of this brand is 100-percent biodegradable won’t harm the environment.

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