Christmas Day Survival Essentials When You Don’t Celebrate It

Whether it is due to religious beliefs, living abroad alone or plain simply can’t be bothered you still need to make it to Boxing Day. For some it’s just another day however it can be more difficult. Despite this, you shouldn’t feel like your options are limited this Christmas. So when most places are closed for the day here’s some tips on what you can do.

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Sign up to HayU

Reality TV is a great way to pass time and HayU has tonnes of it. If you love watching KUWTK’s, Housewives of (Beverley Hills, New Jersey, Atlanta etc..) then this is the place for you. The thing about this is unlike most subscription services, the fee is £3.99 a month. So sacrifice a Starbucks and replace it with endless reality scandal and drama to keep you entertained all day.

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Start a new book

It is said that reading takes 6 minutes to relax you. So if you are someone that has had a stressful run up to Christmas (Lets face it, who doesn’t) then picking up a good read could be for you. I definitely don’t read as often as I’d like however I hear that the latest must-read is Michelle Obama’s autobiography.

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Enjoy hobbying for the day

There should always be time for creativity and Christmas day is a perfect day to get lost in some. Whether you love journaling or painting you have a full day to really get it on to paper. Even better photographers and artists can enjoy the rare moment places will be  generally being empty.

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Binge watch a new Netflix series

There’s a plethora to pick from on Netflix no matter what your taste. Series lengths are generally long enough to get you to new years let alone though Christmas. So if you’re someone that loves watching a goof show then this could be form you and memberships start from £7.99 a month.

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Have a well deserved pamper day

Personally there’s never a need for an excuse for one of these. Your skin will thank you for it later too. Why not give yourself a facial pop on a hair mask and dress your nails. Also now is a great time to top up on some Winter sun tan without the pressure of getting it even in a hurry.

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Catch up on sleep

Sleep is actually so important and although a messy sleep pattern if you need some, now’s the time. Try not to nap after 4pm as this will disturb your actual bed time which is not helpful in the long term.

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Prepare for the New Year

Not everyone has the luxury of a peaceful Christmas before blinking and realising it’s NYE. Christmas is a great day to make any required preparations for outfits or locations on NYE’s celebrations. If you’re not doing much then either then you may feel better sorting through and organising your home. New year, new tidy home.

Check in with loved ones

Although you may not be together everyone tends to be in on Christmas. That makes it a great day to drop a text to loved ones to see how they’re doing. Even if it is just a text to friends rather than a call, it’s always great to know you’re thought of. Equally it is a great day to respond to messages you didn’t get a chance to be cause you were busy.

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Have a social media detox day

Sometimes scrolling through Instagram is not what you need. Since Facebook and Twitter may not be much better, why not try a detox. Not only does it save you the annoyance but it allows you to focus on other things and yourself for the day.

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Take a wonder

As I mentioned earlier today is one of those unusual days everywhere is closed. Since the streets will be empty, why not take a wonder around. There’s nothing more eerie than an empty Oxford Street for example. Not mention that walking is a great way to clear your mind and thoughts.

So whatever you are up to today I hope you are having an enjoyable one. Be sure to let me know what your survival tips are in the comments below.

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