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I was scrolling through some of the frequently asked questions and thought I would start answering some of the common “How-to” questions starting with this one.

I have tonnes of brushes and honestly I am guilty of trying to avoid cleaning them (that’s why I have so many). If however you are like me and experience breakouts on a relatively regular basis then ensuring you have clean brushes will really help you. The brushes can sometimes be moving the dirt across your skin and create more breakouts. The other benefit is when it comes to creating eye looks I will often use several shades and so cleaning the brushes ensures that you are not mixing colours from an old look. A good skin care routine is so important and so I consider cleaning brushes as part of my makeup routine.

One of my biggest challenges with cleaning them was that I use to really struggle with foundation brushes. It use to take forever to get the makeup and the colour would stay on then no matter what I done.
There are a couple of methods and types of cleaners I use which I will share with you as it really does depend on how much time you have or your personal preference. Little an often with anything in is preferred as washing your three makeup brushes after creating an eye look is much easier than washing 20 at the end of the week but if your in a rush it just doesn’t always work out like that.

Solid brush cleaner

Originally I watched a video where someone used soap however I found that I still prefer solid cleanser. It generally is bigger than a soap so you can really lather up your cleaner on the brush and you can even use the lid instead of your hand to work it in (if like me you opt for cost effective cold water then this avoids your hands from freezing). Loads of brands do these but personally I picked up one from Makeup Revolution for £5.00 which lasted me about three months.

Spray brush cleaner

These are really quick and simple to use as you just spray your brush wipe it on a tissue paper and then you have a clean brush. I find this works perfectly when cleaning eyeshadow brushes after a makeup look but I can not say the same for a foundation brush also if you use a beauty blender then this won’t work for that either.  Currently I am using one from Primark for £2.50.

If you don’t want to spend at all on a cleanser then I would still say a Pro Cleanse Brush tool really helped me get a deep clean no matter what product I used.

The one I personally use was in a gift parcel I received and has handy finger holes which allows for easy support when building up the lather on the brushes. The main thing to keep in mind is that you do need to use something that can hygienically clean your brushes.

So if you were thinking of making your own cleanser at home then the only way I have tried is mixing two parts antibacterial dish liquid with one part extra virgin olive oil on a plate. Then with a damp brush you can build up the lather just like you would with any cleaner before rinsing.

With all of these methods the final step is allowing it to dry on a clean towel naturally in sunlight. This is as it kills off any final bacteria that could still be on it.

How do you clean your brushes?

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