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E.l.f is very well known for its cruelty free accessible makeup in local Superdrug I thought I would share something else. They have a fantastic skincare range which you should really check out. I was kindly provided these by E.l.f however I have been using them for over a month before sharing my thoughts.


It is hard to believe that E.l.f was only established in 2004 since it has a strong reputation in the UK. Their simple vision was to make luxurious, high quality makeup available to everyone. This resulted in them becoming one of the fastest growing beauty companies in America. Recently it made its way to the UK and is already in one of the largest Drug stores nationwide. The brand is already a huge success in the UK due to it being both cruelty free and vegan friendly. E.l.f is very well known for its makeup quality and accessibility to all due to outlets and affordability. Despite this I would honestly say their skincare range is probably their greatest range. In this post I will provide an overview of the two ranges I have personally been testing. More in depth posts around the products in both ranges will follow.

Beauty Shield

Formulate without alcohol, sulphates or phthalates, the beauty shield range is perfect for a City girl. The range help to protect from pollutants in the atmosphere as well as block sun exposure. Not to mention the range is enriched with antioxidants. The most familiar product from this particular range is the Magnetic Mask kit, something you may have seen all over YouTube.

beauty shield mask

Hydration Range

There is something about this range that is just everything. I love the smell of it all and it all smells familiar. The range is super hydrating which is perfect for every skin type. People often don’t realise that over oil production can sometimes be a sign of skin dehydration. The quickest and most effective way to hydrate the skin is to directly moisturise although long term things some as drinking water helps. (Read all about the impact of low hydration levels HERE) It would be very hard for me to say what I love most from this range. What I will say though is that I already have my second Hydrating Mist Gel.

hydrating gel mist




This is only a couple of examples form their amazing range of skincare products which you can check out on their website. You should certainly check it out. Shortly I will share a deep dive into both of these ranges so you have more of a detailed look. Until then I hope you have found this post helpful!

Will you be trying the El.f skincare range?



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  1. Love elf products!

    1. Nadiene says:

      They are amazing right! What’s your fave product?? x

      1. I love their eyebrow products, you can never go wrong! x

      2. Oh! I am trying it for the 1st time actually

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