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I have recently been seeing a lot about this technique online which stated that people were going crazy for this new way to literally ‘pop’ blackheads. Although this does not appear to be the craze within my personal circle, with the volume of clogged pores have I thought it was worth a shot.

So the magical treatment is called ” skin gritting” which, in all of the photos have produced gross and wonderful results. The technique involves massaging the face with an oil cleanser, following with a clay mask before a further round of oil cleanse but this time with vigorous massage. If you do all of these steps then all of the gunk in your pores is meant to “pop” out.

To me this seemed pretty straight forward since I have both an oil cleanser and a clay mask at home. I really wanted to give it a proper shot so I done this on a makeup free face. Each step I  followed as close as I could, firstly massaging my oil cleanser then went on  to a clay face mask and then followed with another round of oil cleanser.

My results;

There were some specks there so either very few of my blocked pores were black heads or as I personally suspect, it was clay mask residue.

Overall I do feel that this does provide a deeper cleanse much like the 10 Step Korean Skincare method which I will write about in a future post. Caution needs to be applied when using quite vigorous massage on the skin especially if your skin is sensitive. But really I am not convinced that this really works as a solid effective means to remove black heads. Personally I would prefer to go to a professional for this.

What are your thoughts on gritting will you give it a go?



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