Light Bites – Guilt-free snacks [under 100 calories]


If you’re anything like me then snacking is probably one of your biggest guilty pleasures. Recently Light Bites introduced their range to me which should help with your cravings.

Light Bites

Offering a range of healthy snacks to curve cravings their range are packed full of flavour. The ENTIRE Light Bites product range are each under 100 calories. The range includes 4 flavours of popped chips and a cookie caramel bar.

The Range

The popped chips are available in a variety of 4 flavours. Three of the four flavours (Roasted Shallot and Cider Vinegar, Pesto and Sundried Tomato & Sweet and Smoky Chipotle) are certified Vegan by The Vegan Society. The great thing about popped chips is that they are gluten free and high in protein and fibre not to mention low in saturate fats.

The chocolate caramel bar is made with milk chocolate, soya protein and sweetener. Another great source of both fibre and protein.


As someone who is a huge fan of popped chips over crisps I really would say these are a great option. If you love the sound of the flavours then you’ll love them more when you find just how flavoursome they are. I would certainly stress that they are ‘packed’ full of flavour.  Not to mention the chocolate cookie caramel bar for all you chocolate lovers. Snacking happens and when it does it would be nice not to feel guilty about it, something that I feel Light Bites helps with.

You can pick up the range for yourself online or in Superdrug stores.



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