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Ensuring you train yourself to switch of and relax is vital to staying mentally resilient. I was lucky enough to receive this range from Aromatherapy Associates range which I will share with you.


Frequently I am told that the best way is by taking time out for myself but with such a busy lifestyle, it is often hard to achieve. One way to overcome this is by surrounding myself with things that make me feel good, both internally and externally. Aromatherapy is just one of those things that help me and has been used for thousands of years. It is no wonder as it has a range of benefits such as; stress reliever, reduces headaches, sleep regulator and also acts as an antidepressant.


On the lead up to the New Generation Awards, Aromatherapy Associates kindly sent me a good luck package which I shared on my Instagram story and have been utilising ever since. Inside was their Miniature bath & shower oil collection, an egg timer, Relax candle and Revive body wash & body lotion.


The aroma was amazing without even opening the selection of 10 uniquely blended oils. Each bottle had 3 ml of oil to enjoy which were clearly labelled for their purpose, such as light relax and deep relax. Their size means you could easily take one on a trip individually if you frequently travel.


Usually after selecting my oil, I hop into the shower to let the steam work its magic before covering myself in the body wash. Following this with body lotion will ensure you lock in through layering the scent. Using these three products combined really help me feel relaxed, calm and in control each day.

What I love most is that rather than trying to find more time in the day it is like a really good way to enhance things that I already do daily.

Thank you Aromatherapy Associates for this lovely selection.

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