Dinner Nightmares – Things that shouldn’t be served [post for giggles]


This is an alternative look at my usual food post. As you know my meals are super important to me because I love food. There is a time and place for certain foods/dishes and sometimes I feel that it’s just not respected. Now I have nothing against pop tarts for dinner but I am saying that my personal preference is that it stays as breakfast/snack. Recently I’ve found myself face to face with some of these confusing dinner choices so I thought that  I would share them with you. Hopefully you find them amusing as I wasn’t when I politely ate them.


Imagine the scenario: You’ve not eaten all day, you’ve worked a tonne and you are exhausted. You know you should really eat to get your strength up and because you are cold due to the lack of heat your body is producing. A lifesaver offers to make you a meal so finally you look forward to getting some energy back, You sit to eat and in front of you is….a sandwich.


Before you try to logically defend a sandwich, I do not mean a nice fancy type sandwich (which shouldn’t really be called sandwich because it is more than a meals worth of food). I want this to be abundantly clear in your mind, I mean that “walked into Tesco and picked up the most affordable sandwich that’s too inexpensive to be in the meal deal”, cold type of sandwich. For dinner…


Firstly if someone says the are “making” you dinner but it involved no cooking then wth did they do. Even beans on toast would be better….



Finger Fast Foods

Yup I went there. Now I don’t mind a Mc D’s after a night out but to religiously have burger and chips for dinner is not my kind of meal. There is a time for burger and chips, ribs, hot dogs and all these other finger fast foods. It’s called a basic BBQ!



If we aren’t having a basic BBQ then I don’t want to see it on my table. Yes I say basic because I like a salmon parcel and some steak on my BBQ’s normally. Give me a balanced diet, give me some carbs, veg and protein.




Sides as a main

The reason the are side dishes is because they are to be served alongside a main. Don’t show me garlic bread and tell me it is my main course for dinner, it’s just wrong! Worse still when it is served as a side portion so you don’t even get more food!!!!



Liquid only Soup

Apologies to the soup lovers out there however if you can drink it then in my opinion, it’s a drink. If you chew it then it is food. You have soup when you are sick because its like a half way house tastes of food digests like water. Ever noticed if you’re hungry and you have water it supresses the pains? To me though it is not the same as eating, I still need food. Only time I don’t mind soup is as a starter but never let me see that as a main meal.

What do you not expect to see on the dinner table?

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  3. This gave me a giggle! 😂

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