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If you felt like you could not quite keep up with me this week then you are not alone. Honestly it feels so good to be finally able to sit down and catch you up on some of the amazing brands I’ve met like Verival. After spending the morning they did also give me a few samples to take home.

Verival is an Austrian brand dedicated to organic produce at reasonable prices. Not only was I able to try out their breakfast range but I was able to do this at my favourite location Bluebird, Chelsea. The thing that impresses me about Verival is that not only are they organic but also very transparent in their food chain process.


The granola range was what I tried out. They had their entire selection available for me to try. I love a classic berry bowl however I also tried blueberry and apple.

This was unusual but really moreish it even looked as though the apple chunks still had skin on them. Orange was really unusual and what I will definitely remember from the range. This was especially since it could be mixed with chocolate making breakfast more like a dessert. One of the things about this granola was that they were seriously chunky.

Preferably I have mine with yoghurt since I don’t like when it goes mushy however this was less of an issue due to the size of each chunk. It also means I got more of a mouthful of flavour each bite.



If you are looking for a breakfast you would enjoy each time then you can’t go wrong with Verival. For only £3.99 a box you can pick up several and combine to make a medley of flavour. There is also much more to the brand with a range of snacks muesli and porridges for you to check out.

Verival are available at stockists including Ocado.

Will you be giving them a try?

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