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Writers block can be really serious especially if you are have a blog. When working to a schedule things can become particularly challenging. If this is you right now then you’ll be pleased to know that I took a moment to share with 25 suggestions as to you next post. Hopefully you will find one of these enjoyable. I have based it off posts that I personally enjoy reading when reading other blogs.

  1. An about me/introduction post
  2. 10 things no one knows about you
  3. Top places to go in your area/country
  4. A message to your past self
  5. Where do you see yourself (and your blog) this time next year?
  6. Share some guilty pleasures
  7. Your top bloggers/blogs?
  8. Share places you’d love to visit
  9. What’s in your bag
  10. Your favourite – movies, music, tv, books, etc.
  11. Your current inspiration(s)?
  12. Something you’re passionate about
  13. What are some goals you’d like to achieve?
  14. A good ol’ bucket list
  15. Create a “How-to” post/series
  16. Create a “Top 10” or “5 Tips” post
  17. Weekly round-up
  18. Collaboration post with another blogger
  19. Feature someone who inspires you every day
  20. Review something specific to your niche (such a makeup)
  21. What apps are on your mobile
  22. First impressions post
  23. How you edit your photos
  24. Latest purchases post
  25. Books you are currently reading

If you are completely stuck then don’t forget that you can always get another blogger to guest post. This is a super great way to not only connect with other bloggers, but also have something different on the blog.

Be sure to comment below your blog suggestions, it may help a fellow blogger.

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  1. They are all great. I do sometimes get stuck. I have a list of things I want to write about but I don’t always feel to do them :0).

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