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summer fave makeup post


Today’s look was simple and quick but I find it is much easier to achieve with some of my Summer makeup favourites.


First up is NYX “The Curve felt tip liner”. I remember when I purchased this in Selfridges after speaking to the most helpful assistant. She said the shape of it makes anyone good at winged liner and I think she was right!

Originally I really struggled with my line because my lid has a corner crease so when I close my eyes there’s often a gap between the liner. Or if I do it with my eyes closed then when I open them it’s just too thick. Worst thing is I always see my fave MUAs on YouTube with that beautifully perfect wing and they make it look so simple so than I try tonnes of different liners thinking that may help but it doesn’t. The point is I’m as obsessed with winged liner as Pokemon Go players are with catching a legendary Pokemon. (#thestruggleisreal).

To be honest this is really good as long as you pay attention how to hold it correctly. If you do than the flick is always at a great angle. I have also found that I don’t need to go over it with more liner to darken it either. I wouldn’t say its made me a pro at winged liner but it has definitely cut a heck of a lot of time on trying to get both eyes to match.


This Makeup Revolution blush palette is td for and its the first actual blush palette that I’ve purchased in years. There are shimmers for highlight too and I think that the palette can also be used by many different skin tones because of the selection.


This also by Makeup Revolution, is their contour palette and I would go as far to say that it is a great affordable alternative to the NYX contour palette. I actually have both and the results came out the same for me.


NYX still dominate my lip shades and I love nudes so at the moment this is what I have been using everyday. It is more of a stone shade on me which I why I like it. Plus it withstands my constant snacking which is really handy for me.


I remember when Too Faced dropped their sweethearts and I thought wow but I never got to try one. So when I heart Makeup made these I had to get one and I haven’t looked back since. I particularly love using the lightest shade to highlight my nose but everywhere I goes pops beautifully.

Weird I have two lip products but I am also obsessed with Kylie Lip kits (who isn’t). However I personally was a little disappointed that my choice (Dolce K) doesn’t loo like the colour displayed on the box at all. I have another two on the way though because I’m determined to have liner and gloss exactly the same shade that I love.

What have  you been wearing this summer. Let me know.


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