Birthday Wish List (July 9th if you were wondering)



My birthday month is quickly approaching so I thought that I would take a moment to share some of the things I really want to get my hands on. Hopefully it’ll give you an idea about things I am loving at the moment and generally wishing for. If you are strapped for cash then brace yourself as this post is going to be an expensive read.



My Name Necklace

I spotted the range on Instagram and decided to check out the site. Although the standard names is really nice, personally I would love my name in Arabic. This is something I have not seen before and find it really unique and beautiful. The site has a range of other personalised jewellery pieces all reasonably priced although shipping is higher than I expected.

Lemonade collection – Dominique Cosmetics

(available from 18th June)

This long awaited palette and lip gloss collection has been approaching for quite some time and I am so desperate to get my hands on it. As you know, I own The Latte Palette and have been a lover of Christen for a very long time. This palette just makes me think of all things Summer and would be perfect for a July birthday gift.


Photo: Johnny Loves Rosie Website


Rose Stem Black Crossbody bag – Johnny Loves Rosie

I came across this brand whist at the BlogconLDN event and the personalisation is what really impressed me. That said this crossbody bag personalised seems like something that really should be in my collection. It is versatile enough to go with anything and with my initials it would be clear it was mine.



cricut image
image source: google


Cutting machine for sticker creations

Not only am I a journal junkie but a sticker one too. Recently I have found that there is a way for me to create my own stickers. Clearly obsessed with personalisation I have decided that I need this machines to make it all happen. Slightly above my price budget but will one day be so worth it.




Jacklyn Off Shoulder Mini Dress – FashionNova

I am totally loving off the shoulder clothing along with body suits and to me this one has both. I actually noticed it from a girl on my Insta before Kylie wore it however both time it was in this nice ‘Oatmeal’ shade. I think it is not a bad price either although I have yet to try a Fashion Nova item. Only thing with this is it is based in the USA so unlikely I could get it by my birthday (sigh).


happiness planner law of attraction box.png


Law Of Attraction Box – Happiness Planner

As a firm believer in the law of attraction I totally love anything that will help me manifest. Happiness planner is a brand that I have loved for some time and I discovered they had a ‘Law of Attraction box’. It has a journal as well as a bunch of other stuff to help manifest the attraction of positivity and happiness. These types of things are more and more valuable to me with age.

Of course there are tonnes of other things I want especially when it comes to makeup. I’ve tried to mix things up a little and give you some things that are outside of my usual. In terms of my actual birthday I currently don’t have any plans however nothing beats a good dinner with some good company (in my opinion).

What things are currently on your wish list, I’d love to know.






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