3 Nude Tights For Brown Skin [under £10]

One thing that I enjoy wearing but find hard to purchase is nude tights. It’s annoying that I have to often coordinate my outfit with black just to accommodate the fact that I’m wearing black tights. Plus whenever I pop into a local store there is never a selection of nude tights for multiple skin tones. If you feel the same frustrations then keep on reading.

After trying several brands I am happy to share my top 3 and a personal experience review.


Launched by The Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller, this is a brand I’ve used for many years. The lack of distributors has been the greatest challenge when purchasing these. Previously these could be picked these up in TopShop, Oxford Circus, however now they can only be found on EBay. This is the most affordable of the brands which is a huge plus for me. The biggest challenge with these would have to be the shade range.

One thing to note is that I believe this has been re-branded under “Bianca Miller London” with added shades. I have not tested to see whether they are exactly the same however the price point is higher £12.50 and also it has a larger shade range.

Own Brown

This brand I happened to win a pair of 20 denier nude tights on their Instagram competition. As a result I took the fab opportunity to test them out for a long as possible. I found them super easy to wear and breathable. Many people did not even notice that I was wearing tights which I found complimentary of the brand and even a couple of purchases happened as a result. I was so happy with this brand that despite the £9 price tag, I purchased a second pair. The selection guide was very accurate for me personally although I already now knew what shade I was. Unfortunately the second pair laddered on the first day of purchase. This really disappointed me and the main reason I decided to consider an alternative brand.

Sheer Chemistry

This was a recommended purchase due to their tight technology. In terms of price point, this is directly between those I’ve previously mentioned. The range is still quite small however the brand is still new and growing so I hope to see additional shades. In terms of the shade selection process, similar to Own Brown it has handy guide. So far I have worn them for 2 weeks and there has been no damage made. In terms of the shade, it doesn’t appear to be as good a match for me. The shade range is on the smaller size although each pair are said to suit a greater range.


These brands are really making the challenge about the term “nude”. Based on price, product and shade I would personally recommend all of these brands and already have. Own brown had the nearest personal match for me while Sheer Chemistry had the largest recommendations for durability. It would be great to one day be in the position where I could pick up a multi-pack of my shade nude tights for the same price as one pair of any of these brands.

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