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If like me, you are a makeup enthusiast then skincare should always be at the top of your agenda. When we are constantly trying new products and brands it can be quite challenging for our skin to keep up with our new finds.

My skin is as moody as I am without highlighter, occasionally sensitive and when it’s not reacting to me walking in park without makeup then it is combinational (aka generally a headache). As you can imagine I have to maintain a strict skincare routine although  I will rotate what products I use to react to my skins mood.

My best friend first introduced me to Korean skincare after her many visits to Korea and I quickly begun to research their practices. This became a passion for me as not only did I find that the packaging was generally cute and fun loving, but also the benefits of many of their products were known to be amazing (particularly their masks).

Note: My regular readers would remember that I previously shared when I visited Bingsu which was a Korean dessert cafe. 

When I was in Boots I found really excited to see Oh K! brand which like me, was inspired by Korean beauty. The cute packaging made it really stand out to me initially and I was pleased to find a larger range online. I was so honoured that after purchasing a few items Oh K! also shared with me a few samples that I could share with you on this post.


Sweet Peach Detangle Brush (RRP: £8.95)

The first thing I could smell was this delicious Sweet Peach fragrance and since I had previously shopped their products I knew it was the Sweet Peach Detangle Brush. I was so happy to have receive this as it was sold out last time I went to pick it up from Boots. The packaging makes it even cuter and recently I have been loving detangle brushes (my hair extensions can get really tangled). It leaves a lovely refreshing sweet peach scent in your hair afterwards so if you were to hug someone they would smell it.

Exfoliating Face Pads (RRP £5.00)

I was really excited to give these a try and as they are a cute small size, originally I did not spot these in store. You get two reusable face pads to remove dead skin and stimulate micro circulation on the skins surface. The thing that I personally like about these is that they are a good hygienic alternative to my Clarisonic (which I frequently forget to charge). Removal of dead skin cells is vital if you are prone to breakouts and it prevents them becoming clogged with dirt which would result in further breakouts. Microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels. Good circulation is said to be highly important for healthy skin. Initially when I touched this it was so soft and then I followed the straight forward instructions to clean my face. I liked that the finger holder made it easy for me to use too overall I liked using this a lot.


Coffee Bean Hydrogel Mask (RRP £8.50)

You know how I love my morning coffee so why not use it to wake my skin up too right?! I absolutely LOVE sheet masks and this is pretty straightforward in terms of use and benefits. The only thing I would say is to allow the residue to absorb into the skin when you remove the mask as I have often found  that people wipe it off.


Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (RRP £6.95)

The most cutest handbag accessory! I adore this cream and generally the Cherry Blossom scent is a nice feminine one perfect for this time of year. I couldn’t find this cat (which matches the cup I bought previously from Oh K!) on their website however they currently have up the Panda packaging which is equally as cute on Boots however there are several cuties.

I love that in the UK you can now pick up OH K! in Boots uk or online through Boots uk, Beauty Bay, ASOS or directly from the Oh K! website.

Will you be checking out some of Oh K!’s products? – Let me know.


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