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Recently I shared my application of Mary Kay beauty products which I actually demonstration foundation mapping. Its pretty much a technique which I prefer and one which not everyone may be aware of so let me explain.


The key thing when it comes to using a technique such as this is having a near perfect match. It is more difficult for someone like me since I never really have a true match but not impossible. A matched foundation just means you need to blend less. The alternative is use a lighter formula, foundation mapping is great with CC Cream which is when I shared it. This is since CC Cream has such a light but buildable coverage.


The next thing to consider is the finish. A satin finish is the best for my personal skin type however you’d need to pick one for your own. Obviously if you would perfect not to do this (in the case of matte foundation on dry skin for example) then definitely use a damp beauty blender when applying.

Where to apply

In terms of application, it’s best to focus on your concern areas. For me it’s my cheeks and the right side of my chin where I have uneven skin tone. I tend to lightly dust across my nose what is left to cover redness. Then I’m pretty much good to go.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. I found it interesting that I read an article about it recently as it’s something I’ve done often. The great benefits that come with this is that you’re less likely to transfer makeup but also it takes less time to apply. It’s also a great for those no make-up look days.

Do you use this technique for your everyday make-up looks?

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