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I wanted to share their latest venture from Blogosphere Magazine the Blogosphere Network rating system. It is a dual rating system where brands and influencers can feedback on what it was like to actually work with each other across various categories. It aims to be a place which shares success and developments in terms of professionalism from each side.

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Editor-in-chief Alice Audley has always had a passion to change the industry. Bringing it together and inspiring it to grow and become a success appears to be at the forefront of her mind. Written by bloggers for bloggers, the magazine is one with an aim to share knowledge within the industry. Now they have decided to take it a step further with this new technology network. If you are blogging as a profession then you can appreciate that it is frustrating when working with a brand that doesn’t pay you on time. Equally brands I’m sure won’t want to work with influencers who do not meet the deliverables on time.

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This latest #BlogosphereNetworkKickstarter aims to change this but it will only work if everyone is behind it. Every year the industry of blogging and trying to be seen gets harder and harder. It is hard to know who and what brand has integrity because the industry is so heavily saturated. Meanwhile brands generally appear to look at bloggers as numbers. The reality is many bloggers, like me have to work ad hoc to make up the difference in income. Even more startling with the rise of the Instagrammer people are using various tactics. For example buying their competitors followers to impact their authenticity (something I didn’t even know was a thing).

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Brands are highly sort for as they help blogging continue to produce content and obviously the hotter off the press, the better. The growing challenge from this is the lack of respect and professionalism. Brands often ignore influencers, delay payments and many still cherry pick based on numbers. This freezes out up and variation in what we tend to see at events and generally suffocates the industry.


From a blogger perspective, it would be great to be able to find trustworthy brands to work with. Brands I am sure would love to be able to find bloggers who are the same. Honesty feedback is what is important to achieve it and that is exactly what Blogosphere Network is trying to achieve.

If you feel it is time for a change then head over to the Kickstarter page for more details.



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