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Don’t know about you however I’m not a morning person in the Autumn and Winter seasons. Most likely this is because all I want to do is hibernate. Having a reason to get up early is vital, like visiting Elegant Touch London at Feya.

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If you have never visited Feya then it is every Instagrammers location dream café. Set in the heart of London this café has a menu to match the stunningly beautiful décor. The entire place was decorated with Elegant Touch branded balloons and pink to match the theme. Blogging can be lonely so events like these are always fun as you get to see fellow bloggers.


The menu was personalised for Elegant Touch event guests and so was the surrounding. There was even someone on hand to apply the new Pink Paradise range for us. Obviously I could not help but get #NailedByET and got a set of Power Pout applied.

There were also some amazing new nail tools for us to see in action. I actually manged to get some false nails tips whilst getting my set on. These were really helpful and I’ll share in another post.




feya cafe londonAlongside getting a set of fresh nails I was also able to enjoy a nice breakfast. Although there were very tempting cakes displayed I went for something off the menu. You could certainly tell that it was a bloggers event once the food arrived at the tables. Everyone was carefully arranging their tables and showcasing their dishes on Instagram. My dish was the pancakes which had carefully cut fruit and gently placed flowers on it.

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Since I was sat with my good blogging friend, I was able to catch a image of both of out dishes. The pancakes were made fresh to order and arrived warm with many toppings including maple syrup and peanut butter. They were so filling I was not even able to finish the whole dish which was deeply satisfying. The other dish (right) is the smoothie bowl which I’m sure tasted just as good.

After having a satisfying breakfast and getting our nails done, were left. This was not before getting some more images to post to Instagram of course. Also Elegant Touch kindly gifted us a selection of their products and latest Pink Paradise range.

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If you ever happen to be on Oxford Street at all then I would certainly give Feya a try. One of the most attractive this is that it is just off the busy street meaning you’re away from the hustle and bustle. Not to mention the endless photo opportunities with its marble top tables and in house blossom tree. In terms of coffee and food the presentation and taste were amazing. Personally can not wait to return and try more from the menu.

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