Met gala 2019

met gala2019

Here are my favourite makeup pieces and looks from the MetGala. The theme was “Camp” and so I was keen to understand what that looked like in terms of makeup.

Before we get absorbed into the makeup looks I just wanted to touch base on Priyanka’s nails. Patricia Yankee done these for her using regularly featured Kiss Nail Products. Thought I would briefly mention as they were from the new Masterpiece collection. This set is one I personally own however I have yet to put them on. Fair to say that I am so excited to do this now.

Camila Mendez

Although this is super simple, I totally love it. Makeup artist Beau Nelson done a great job with it. The inner corner having gem stones instead of just highlight. Her skin looks incredible and almost as though she is wearing nothing at all on it. Her lips are very natural looking so everything is drawing you to the eyes.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian-West definitely has a signature look and this is no different in my opinion. Mario Dedivanovic kept it nude but added longer than usual lashes and contact lenses. The highlight was lighter than usual to compliment the wet look. What I like is that where it was placed opens out the face a little sucking you into the eyes.

Joan Smalls

Another look I loved for its simple creativity was this one. Patrick Ta done something most would use stickers to create. I would have loved to have seen this done on camera. Although the other have so far complimented the outfits, I’d say this one went further. This look is almost as though the outfit print is on her eyes and I love it.


Occasionally I like a little pink and that’s why this one made it to the list. Alex Mayo gave us a Lil Kim throwback and I love the look for that. Again the look draws you into the eyes with really full lashes. That beauty mark on her cheek and the subtle pink gloss just makes it somewhere between cute and sultry.

Ezra Miller

This look is everywhere right now which it deserves to be. Hugely talented Mimi Choi is such a creative talented artist and produces looks like this with ease. It’s super trippy looking for Ezra’s actual eyes, I can’t even look for too long.


I really loved the use of gem stones in looks this year. This one Kirin Bhatty created is probably my favourite for it. It helped make everything sparkle so nicely and the gold glistened like the gown.


Scott Barnes delivering another signature JLo look. We know she looks gorg no matter what so kinda feel it’s unfair. But Scott used shimmer on JLo’s under-eyes which is a little controversial. Normally you would use it on the lid or inner coroner but this added some extra sultry to her gaze and I love it. Not to mention purple looks stunning on her…then again what doesn’t?

What were your favourite MetGala looks?


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