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Thinking of starting your own blog? Here’s so basic how-to’s

Rise of the Nano Influencer – Instagrams Trend Predictions For 2020

Instagram trends and algorithm is something very fast paced and hard to keep up with.Following a turbulent year of in 2019 despite personal efforts, I thought I’d try something new in 2020. This year I decided to research trends and theories on what’s in and out. I’ve collated everything and put it all in this […]

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Places To Work For The Lonely Freelancer

So I studied and not once did this ever cross my mid. School/college/Uni friends are not just with you because they choose to be but because everyone has to go. Once that is all left behind then what’s next? Perhaps you get a career in a company that has a variety of people to speak […]

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25 Blog Post Suggestions

Hello, Writers block can be really serious especially if you are have a blog. When working to a schedule things can become particularly challenging. If this is you right now then you’ll be pleased to know that I took a moment to share with 25 suggestions as to you next post. Hopefully you will find […]

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GDPR tips from a bloggers perspective (Bloggers tips)

Hello, The GDPR changes  are due to come into force 25th May, 2018. I feel there is a lot out there but it is still a little unclear for bloggers. There are many variances in terms of what bloggers use and do, that I can only let you know what I am currently doing and […]

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GDPR update – Are you ready? ( Blogger Tips)

Hello, You’ve probably heard about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes impacting businesses. My inbox full of emails from companies providing me with information about it. Now that I have my head around it I can definitely see why. This post is a Blogger Tips post which will be a new category on Everyone […]

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Friday Favourites – 8 bloggers you have to check out

Hello, I love learning about what inspired people to get into blogging and who they watch so I thought I would share with you my favourites. Originally when I started blogging, I was completely unaware of the UK blogging community because I only knew of US bloggers (crazy right?!). I think what I look for […]

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