Here’s Why 4711 Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil Is Good For The Mind

acqua colonia blood orange and basil review


4711 Acqua Colonia Blood Orange & Basil is a fragrance to lift your mood. The complex fragrance was also created to stimulate and inspire be it in working or everyday life. In this post I will take a look into the aromatherapy benefits of the two soul ingredients, blood orange & basil. You will remember that I previously share a fragrance from 4711 and this is a continuation of this.

acqua colonia blood orange and basil

Benefits of Basil

As one of the best for the healing of the mind, it’s no wonder it is so frequently used. Basil is used to strengthen resolve, provide clarity as well as raise spirit. Basil is particularly useful at work to help clear the mind and reduce stress.

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties not to mention that the essential oil is a great natural insect repellent. If you are an allergy sufferer then you may be want to try basil essential oil. Basil helps to detoxify the body and flush out toxins that may act as allergens. Not to mention that basil promotes better digestion by restoring the body’s PH level.

Blood Orange

Many citrus scents are used frequently to treat feelings of depression and grief. Blood orange is no different, its uplifting aroma can elevate your mood. Studies have shown that when blood orange essential oil is diffused around the house it can reduce anxiety. Similar to basil, blood orange is a natural diuretic. This means that it can help promote the quantity of urine your body produces. By doing this it also helps flush out toxins and unwanted build up of substances like salt. Blood orange is also helpful to repel housefly larvae and pupa should this be a challenge within your home.


These were just some of the benefits of blood orange and basil however there are so many more. You can check out the notes of the perfume in closer detail on the Fragrantica website.  In the UK the 170ml bottled fragrance is exclusive to Amazon along with the rest of the Acqua Colonia collection.

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